Monday, October 7, 2013


I have two different cameras set up on our hunting lease. One is on the South side of the property and one is on the North side. If the pictures that I have been getting for the past month or so tell any kind of story, then I will be hunting on the South side. This camera has produced nothing but bucks for me to look at. In fact, I can just about name them by now. They come to this feeder every night and there is usually more than one there at a time. They range in size from this 11 point all the way down to a small spike, with every size in between. There is even one buck that is messed up on one side. He may have to go. The 11 is on my hit list. I hope to catch him chasing a doe in early November when the rut is in full swing. Since I have no daytime pictures of him, that may be my only hope. Enjoy the shots!

Hello Dad!