Monday, November 5, 2012

Tri-County Soccer Success!

Our local recreation department joins forces each year with departments from two other counties to put on a Tri-County soccer tournament.  We do not have soccer all-star teams, we just enter all league teams from each county and play one big tournament.  Reid's team, the Tigers, had a disappointing season loosing the first two playoff games, but decided to put everything together for the Tri-county tournament.  They played well and finished with a 4-0 record to win first place in their division.  I was very proud of Reid as he played very well in his mid-field position.  I think we only allowed two goals in four games with Reid doing more than his part in keeping the ball on our end of the field!  He loves the game of soccer and I am glad the he has been able to find some success.

Mid-field Master!!
Reid and his coach, Terry Harper
The winning team! 
Thanks to all you coaches out there!  You really do make a difference!  It has been a great season!!
Go Tigers!!!