Friday, February 26, 2010

'Bout Time for Some Ball!!

The Braves are getting ready to play some baseball down in sunny Florida. I think they have a chance to be a pretty good team if everyone stays healthy. The pitching staff could be one of the best in the majors. I like the young kids on the team and hope that the Braves will begin to build around them. JJ, Hanson, Escobar, Heyward and Schafer are the guys that need to grow up fast and carry this Braves team for the next few years. I know that this is the 2010 season, but I really believe that the Braves have a chance to be a young, energetic, and very good team next year. Look at the furture and it only gets brighter assuming that we can hold on to our prospects and the fact that we hire a new manager with a little fire under his belly. I'm ready for the older guys to start hanging it up. Bring on the youth movement with stolen bases and hustle on every play!

Can you see this line up in the near furture?

CF- Schafer
2B- Prado
3B- Escobar
RF- Heyward
C- McCann
LF- McClouth
1B- Freeman
SS- Salcedo (the new prospect that they just picked up)
P- Hanson

The rest of your staring pitching staff could be JJ, Minor, Medlin and Vizcaino

I sure would like to watch this group play together!! Could be fun!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are you kidding me????

With today's economy everyone should look for ways to save money. I took it upon myself last month to try and do just that. I called up my local telephone provider (Windstream)to see if they could lend me a hand in my quest for fatter pockets. Keep in mind that I pay $79.51 per month for telephone service as well as internet service. The call went something like this:

How can we help you Mr. Luckie

I would like to see if I can lower my phone bill by having someone review my account and make sure that I am not paying for any services that I do not need.

Sure Mr. Luckie, we will be glad to help. I see that you have our internet service. Would you like to keep that?


I see that you do not make any long distance calls from your home phone but you are paying for 100 free minutes per month on your current plan. Would you like to drop that plan.

Bingo! Ka-ching!!!

Ok, Mr. Luckie, I will drop that plan for you and that will save you $31.00 per month. Would you like to keep your call waiting and caller ID feature?

Yes, I would. Can I ask how much it is going to cost me if I do decide to make a long distance call?

Sure, it will only be $.10 per minute.


Can I help you with anything else today?

No, you have been very helpful. Thanks!!!

Thank you Mr. Luckie, you should see the changes in your next bill. Thank you for using Windstream.

I sat back for the next 30 days waiting to receive my new cheaper phone bill. I got it in the mail today. As I was opening the envelope I allowed myself to think about my new found savings. I figured it would be around $20. That will fill the mini-fridge for the weekend. (forget you read that part preacher). I looked at the bill and then looked at it again. My savings was exactly -$2.01. My new bill was $81.52.

The following call to Windstream can not be posted on this blog because my preacher will probably read this.

Come to find out, when I dropped the long distance plan that I was on, it dropped my features. When the girl asked me if I wanted to keep my calling features, I said yes. She didn't tell me that I would now be charged for them. When I asked her if I made a long distance call, how much would it cost, she replied $.10, which I said that was fine. CHARGE for the $.10 per minute plan. Every new charge has new taxes and fees. The call that I made to Windstream to lower my bill actually made it higher!! Are you kidding me??? Is this what customer service has come to? Couldn't the girl have told me that my next bill should reflect a higher balance instead of the savings that she said that she was giving me. Come on people!

After I stopped yelling at the poor boy on the other end of the line and he apoligized for their actions, we sat down and hashed me out a new plan for my telephone needs. I am proud to say that my new phone bill will reflect a monthly savings of about 3 bucks!

That won't fill the mini-fridge!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So long Rat! I'm sure gonna miss you!

I talked with my my good friend and fraternity brother, Mike Ratteree (Rat)today. He lives in the Atlanta area and it seems he is about to move across the country with his job. He will be setting up residence in the great state of California. That's a long way from here!!

Rat and I both graduated from that fine institute of learning in Statesboro, Georgia, which is Georgia Southern University in 1995. We became fraternity brothers when he joined Kappa Sigma in 1993. In those three years that we knew one another we developed a great friendship that we have carried on since the day we left school. To say that we went in two different directions is an understatement. When I left school, I set about starting a career and tried to get serious about life and what others expected of me. Mike went skiing! He spent some time out west as a mountain bike instructor and a ski instructor. He lived a care free lifestyle and refused to get serious about anything but enjoying God's great outdoors. He once told me that he would start his career when he was 30. I think he held to his promise. Mike and I would get to see each other at fraternity reunions or he would make the occasional visit to Statesboro for some duck hunting or to Fitzgerald for golf and fishing. We always promised to try and see each other more often, but work and family started to get in the way over the past few years. The last time I saw Mike was at Kappa Sigma's 40th reunion in November of 2008. We played golf and spent the weekend reliving old times. We promised once again to stay in touch and visit more often. All though we do stay in touch more,(thanks to Facebook) we never found time to make those visits, which brings me to a good point.Make time for the people in your life that you love!!

As I talked to Mike on the phone today and wished him luck, I couldn't help but think of some of my favorite Rat stories. I thought about all of the sports that we played in school, the girls we dated and took to formals together, the St. Patrick's day trip to Savannah, the Halloween party where we went as Cooter and Goober (two mechanics that ran MT's shop), and the golf tournaments that we played in. In my trip down memory lane I realized that good friends are hard to come by and that we should savor the moments that we have with them. There is a good chance that I may not see Mike again as he starts a new life on the West Coast, but I sure hope not. He is still my brother and my friend and I will definitely miss him!

AEKDB Rat and good luck brother!!

Welcome to Statesboro Jaybo!!

It is finally official. Quarterback Jaybo Shaw will transfer to Georgia Southern from Georgia Tech. Why is this important? Because Jaybo knows how to run the triple option and actually has some experience doing so. When Jeff Monken took over the head job at Georgia Southern, everyone knew that he would bring back the offense that won us 6 National Championships. One of the biggest problems that he faced was the fact that we did not have an option quarterback on our current team. Our recruiting efforts landed us several quarterbacks familiar with our offense, but the 3-O takes more than one quarterback to run it, and you would like for at least one of those quarterbacks to have at least one collegiate snap under their belt. So welcome to Statesboro Jaybo! I hope that you can lead my Eagles back to where they belong, soaring above all the rest!!

My first blog post!

I was introduced to the world of blogging by my pastor, Mike Ruffin. Mike posts a daily (or sometimes daily) blog at "On the Jericho Road". I enjoy reading what he has to say and often comment to him through e-mail. He has encouraged me to start my own blog and see what happens. I have put it off for a while but was recently reminded that I needed to move forward when I found out that my mother now has her own blog. If my Mom can figure this thing out, then so can I.

I'm sure there are some questions. What will I talk about? How often will I post? What is up with the title? Who are you? Ok, we will start there!

My name is Trey Luckie. My wife is Dana and we have two of the most beautiful children that you have ever seen. Reid is 6 and Mia is 3. We live a busy life with both of us working and chasing children. I live in Fitzgerald, GA and work for a local bank as Vice President. I am not a man that can sit still for very long so I tend to have a lot of hobbies and interest. Some of those include my family, my church, hunting and fishing, golf, Georgia Southern Eagle football, The Atlanta Braves, Browning shotguns and antique furniture.

The title of my blog comes from some of the things I love. I thought it was kind of catchy!

I plan to blog about whatever is on my mind, but you can bet it will cover some of these things that I am passionate about. As far as how often I plan to blog, I'm not sure but check back with me and we will see.

I'm sure that I will get better at this and learn how to spice my page up some, but for now I am fulfilling a promise to myself that I would at least get started so here we go!