Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to Statesboro Jaybo!!

It is finally official. Quarterback Jaybo Shaw will transfer to Georgia Southern from Georgia Tech. Why is this important? Because Jaybo knows how to run the triple option and actually has some experience doing so. When Jeff Monken took over the head job at Georgia Southern, everyone knew that he would bring back the offense that won us 6 National Championships. One of the biggest problems that he faced was the fact that we did not have an option quarterback on our current team. Our recruiting efforts landed us several quarterbacks familiar with our offense, but the 3-O takes more than one quarterback to run it, and you would like for at least one of those quarterbacks to have at least one collegiate snap under their belt. So welcome to Statesboro Jaybo! I hope that you can lead my Eagles back to where they belong, soaring above all the rest!!

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CHERI said...

Like "mother", like son! Glad I proofread all those English essays for you in high school! Proud that you are using your talents as a write...but yours "ain't" as cute as mine (yet)!!! Love, Mama