Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first blog post!

I was introduced to the world of blogging by my pastor, Mike Ruffin. Mike posts a daily (or sometimes daily) blog at "On the Jericho Road". I enjoy reading what he has to say and often comment to him through e-mail. He has encouraged me to start my own blog and see what happens. I have put it off for a while but was recently reminded that I needed to move forward when I found out that my mother now has her own blog. If my Mom can figure this thing out, then so can I.

I'm sure there are some questions. What will I talk about? How often will I post? What is up with the title? Who are you? Ok, we will start there!

My name is Trey Luckie. My wife is Dana and we have two of the most beautiful children that you have ever seen. Reid is 6 and Mia is 3. We live a busy life with both of us working and chasing children. I live in Fitzgerald, GA and work for a local bank as Vice President. I am not a man that can sit still for very long so I tend to have a lot of hobbies and interest. Some of those include my family, my church, hunting and fishing, golf, Georgia Southern Eagle football, The Atlanta Braves, Browning shotguns and antique furniture.

The title of my blog comes from some of the things I love. I thought it was kind of catchy!

I plan to blog about whatever is on my mind, but you can bet it will cover some of these things that I am passionate about. As far as how often I plan to blog, I'm not sure but check back with me and we will see.

I'm sure that I will get better at this and learn how to spice my page up some, but for now I am fulfilling a promise to myself that I would at least get started so here we go!


Michael Ruffin said...

I'm glad you're doing this and I will be a loyal follower!

Ashlee said...

Welcome to blog world! It's quite fun actually!