Friday, February 26, 2010

'Bout Time for Some Ball!!

The Braves are getting ready to play some baseball down in sunny Florida. I think they have a chance to be a pretty good team if everyone stays healthy. The pitching staff could be one of the best in the majors. I like the young kids on the team and hope that the Braves will begin to build around them. JJ, Hanson, Escobar, Heyward and Schafer are the guys that need to grow up fast and carry this Braves team for the next few years. I know that this is the 2010 season, but I really believe that the Braves have a chance to be a young, energetic, and very good team next year. Look at the furture and it only gets brighter assuming that we can hold on to our prospects and the fact that we hire a new manager with a little fire under his belly. I'm ready for the older guys to start hanging it up. Bring on the youth movement with stolen bases and hustle on every play!

Can you see this line up in the near furture?

CF- Schafer
2B- Prado
3B- Escobar
RF- Heyward
C- McCann
LF- McClouth
1B- Freeman
SS- Salcedo (the new prospect that they just picked up)
P- Hanson

The rest of your staring pitching staff could be JJ, Minor, Medlin and Vizcaino

I sure would like to watch this group play together!! Could be fun!!

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Michael Ruffin said...

Could be real fun. Here's hoping they don't trade off any of these guys.