Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Wish List!

  For the ladies that read my blog that have no idea what to give their man for Christmas, I would like to offer you the following idea.  Fellows, you can run with this too if you like.  The picture that you see here to the left is an actual ad for Browning.  You can tell that it is a Christmas time ad because of the "gift" references and Christmas tree pine needles shown in the picture.  Now who wouldn't want a new Browning for Christmas????  I know I sure would, but what I have in mind is a whole lot cheaper than running out and buying a new gun!  The ad that you see here is actually from 1959.  You can go to e-bay and find vintage Browning ads from the 50's and 60's, most of which are in excellent shape.  An ad can range in price from $7 to $15 depending on the ad color and content.  These are paper advertisements from old magazines and are usually 8x10 or larger.  When these ads are framed and matted, they make great looking pieces to display in an office or "Man Cave".  I currently have two of these and I can say that they are some of my favorite items hanging in my shop and office.  This little project will cost you less than $75 depending on how nice you plan on framing your new piece of history.  Not a bad deal for something that a Browning lover will appreciate.

So what if you are not a Browning lover?  You may now exit my blog!!!  Just kidding.

E-bay is full of sellers that deal in this type of paper sales.  You can find most anything if you look hard enough.  Old John Deere ads, Winchester ads, Remington ads, Coca-Cola ads, etc., etc.  Just a cool little idea for those that can sometimes be hard to buy for.  Especially if they are passionate for a particular brand, such as with me and my Brownings!

Happy shopping!


Dennis said...

Very cool idea Trey!

Hunt Like You're Hungry said...

This is an insanely nifty idea. With my man's cave newly furnished in the garage, this may be a nice addition!

Happy Hunting!


CHERI said...

Maybe Santa will bring you one...unless you get on his Naughty List.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

I had seen piece done in one of the major magazines done on old ads from all different makers (I don't remember which one that's why I not saying) but it's amazing the way they used to advertise back then to the way they do now! Seemed so raw and real back then.

The View From A Saddle said...

that is a pretty cool idea Trey!
Are y'all going to make it up to Christmas this year?! I sure hope so! We missed y'all last year!!

Swamp Thing said...

Trey, I bought a Browning Gold 20 at a pawn shop in Baltimore a few years ago. I am now hooked on Brownings. I am looking forward to when I can afford to replace my goose gun with a silver hunter or a Maxus.

Probably in 21 years, when my son finishes college.