Sunday, January 9, 2011

End of the season!

Yesterday was the last day of dove season here in South Georgia.  In a lot of ways it feels like the end of my hunting season for this year.  I'm sure that we could go chase some Bob Whites to pass the time, but for the most part my guns will be cleaned and put in the cabinet until the turkeys start gobbling in the spring.  The year ended on a good note as Daddy, Reid and I went on one of the best dove hunts that I have been on in several years.  It was a perfect day in which the sun was shinning and the sky was raining doves.  Josey the wonder dog did better than expected on just her second dove hunt.  She retrieves very well, but I have got to train her to only retrieve my birds and not to chase birds all over the field.  I am hoping that the Outdoor Blogger Network will have a give away on a shock collar soon.   It was a very good way to end what was a very good year of hunting for me.

March of 2010 started my year off with a good turkey on opening day.  An afternoon bird in which Daddy and I got to double up.  You can check out the play by play here.  I followed up that success with two more birds later in the year.  Here is my picture displaying my success for the 2010 turkey season!

After Turkey season I usually focus my efforts on little league baseball and my golf game, but we do still find time to do some fishing,

At the end of summer it is time to start thinking about college football and dove season.  Reid did very well this year as he went with me several times.  You can read about our opening day here.

Deer season starts in October and some of you may remember that I was blessed this year with an awesome buck!

November brings another trip to Kansas to do some true upland hunting and chase those beautiful ring necks.  I enjoy this time with my Dad and this years story can be found here.

We even did some squirrel hunting this year that didn't even require a rifle.  We let Ruby do the work!

Doves season rolls back around and here we go again, only this time I found out that I had a pretty good bird dog living in the house.

So now I guess you could consider me in waiting mode.  I will be waiting for spring training to start in about 6 weeks.  I will be waiting for March and the gobble of that first spring turkey (my wife loves the way I practice my turkey calling during this down time!).  I will then wait again for college football and the start of dove season around labor day.  I will then wait for deer season and my annual trip to Kansas with my Dad.  The we will wait for the second dove season to start on those cooler days in November and December, and then we will once again start over with our waiting for it all to start over again!!!


Thanks for following me on all of my hunting adventures!  If you didn't catch them the first time, then hopefully this little post will help you to go back and catch up!

March can not get here fast enough!!!!!!  Yelp, yelp, yelp.....Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Great recap Trey! May the next few weeks seem shorter then longer so the wait is not so hard.

Bill said...

Looks like it was a pretty good year!

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Well done, it's nice to get your year in review. If you get bored, there are some 10 degree days with an ice shack waiting for you up here in balmy hot Maine...


Trey said...

Thanks DEDH, but I just got cold thinking about it!!