Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Finished Product- Steady Eddie's Chest!

The hardware came in today for the chest that I have been refinishing.  I'll just let the pictures tell this story!

This is the time period hardware that I picked out.  I polished them on a polishing blanket to give them a worn look that will go well with the piece.
First drawer complete!
One of the larger drawers
Just a refresher from where we started!
The finished product!

What a beautiful Antique!
I really had a good time working on this project and it was good for me to get back out in the shop and get my mind off of the banking world for a couple of hours each day.  I hope that Mr. Ed is looking down from his fishing hole in the sky and smiling at the job that I finished for him!  Somehow I know that he is very proud!

Thanks Mr. Ed for all the memories that you are still creating for me even though you are no longer here!  It sure was fun!


TexWisGirl said...

Trey, that is gorgeous. Truly wonderful tribute to your friend!

penbayman said...

Sweet job Trey!

Joe said...

Looks great. Nice job.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I know Steady Eddy is grinning ear to ear! What an awesome job you did on this piece. You deserve a couple pats on the back for this one ;)

The Gang said...

That looks great! I wish I had the know-how to do refinish furniture. Would save me a lot of $$$.

Ashlee said...

it's a beaut!

Alex said...

Looks great!! Nice work!

CHERI said...

You have turned out to be better at this than your daddy! The chest turned out beautifully. I would love to have had it myself but I know that Lydia was tickled to get it and it will bring her many hours of happiness and memories. Many people would not have given it back to her after all that hard work, but you have a good heart! Mr. Ed would be very proud of you and the chest! And I imagine Mr.Jimmy is saying to him: That's my boy! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job on this chest Trey! I'm sure Mr. Ed would be right proud of ya.