Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last Day Dove Hunt!

Farm owner Kenny B. starts preparing the last day feast
The last day of dove season here in South Georgia came today, and with it came the feeling of sadness that I always feel when the season is over.  I decided to take a little different approach with this blog post and not only show you the hunting from the last day, but also show you exactly how us good old folks here in South Georgia enjoy the gathering of good friends as we take advantage of the hunting privileges that we freely enjoy.

The grill was fired up at about 10:30 this morning and the meat was prepared for cooking.  The menu included Boston butts, sausage, deer back strap, chicken, smoked ham and dove poppers.

Dove poppers are a local favorite.  Dove breast, peppers and cream cheese wrapped in bacon.

The finished product after about 20 minutes on the grill.  These babies didn't last long with this crowd.

Everyone gathered up at the barn around lunch time and told lies while they ate more than they should.  In this crowd you can find farmers, bankers, salesmen, teachers, business owners and just about anything in between.  Even the kids are invited.  They keep themselves entertained before the hunt by playing video games, climbing on farm equipment or shooting their BB guns at tin cans.

The time finally comes for everyone to make their way to their way to the field.  Dogs are loaded into pick ups, ATVs and golf carts.  Stands are placed on peanut hay bails and everyone waits on our little grey winged guest to show.  The fun begins with the first shot of the afternoon.

I put Reid on the camera in hopes of getting video of Josey on a retrieve.  Here is our best effort.

After the hunt, we gathered back up at the barn and surveyed the day's damage.  And yes, we did eat again! :)  It was not the best shoot that I have been on, but we had a great time and killed enough to make a mess to eat.  Included in our bounty was two Ring Necked Doves or Collared Doves.  These are light grey doves that are larger than our traditional Morning Doves that we usually shoot.  They are very pretty and have a black collar around their necks.  They usually hang out around barns or in town.  They are legal to shoot and do not even count toward your limit numbers.

The final picture of the season is a special one.  I'm so glad that my son enjoys going to the field with me and I hope that he always will!

That's how we roll here in South Georgia!  I'm ready for next year!!


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Awesome buddy, while you and Reid were doing the dove thing, Lauren and I were chasing the brook trout. See outscored her dad 1-0, I'll put up my post in a few days to let the review hold for a bit.

Tell Reid the Duckman said for him to give you the camera and for you to give him the Browning!

Well done bro.

Trey said...

It was funny that you said that because after I told Reid he didn't have to record anymore, he said... "Good Daddy, I was ready to hold my gun anyway!" Got to love that boy!!

Erin said...

Wonderful Trey! Time with Dad is always a great thing and being able to have those memories and good times... I am sure you will have many years of good hunting with him

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Oh man, those dove poppers look awesome! I never thought to put dove in them, we usually do deer sausage.

Looks like an awesome day spent with Reid too!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Those poppers look outstanding...
My 2 cents is s=don't let the kids take the video games on these outings...the BB gun is better
I am going to a pheasant tower shoot today...wish doves were open here...and only 3 more weeks of waterfowl
Love the videos of your dog!

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Very cool post. I love the camaraderie and getting all ages in on the fun...Look forward to getting my son out for Dove this year...Phil

The Gang said...

Its been close to 20 years since I've been on a dove shoot followed by a nice big dove BBQ. Makes me feel like a kid again. Great post.