Monday, January 7, 2013

Great dove season final!

This year's dove season came to an end in fine fashion with both a morning and afternoon shoot on the final Saturday.  We got into a birds on both shoots and had a great time fellow shipping with good friends and watching good dogs retrieve our tasty little grey feathered friends as they tumbled from the sky after a shot from my Browning shot gun.

I always hate to see the last day because it seems to end to quickly.  We have had a good year and Josey once again made me proud with her consistent field work.  I love to take her hunting because you can tell she loves it so much.  I will have to patiently wait for next season to come around in September and hope that my son will be ready to shoot his new shotgun at a few passing grey birds with me.

Bring on Turkey season!


The Gang said...

Looks like you've got the makings for some great appetizers. Dove hotwings will go great while watching the Falcons play their last game of the season this Sunday.

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Great post. One of my best hunts was my son's first in the dove field this last September. Now he is out with me in the goose blind whenever he can make it..