Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's better than a MOJO? Two of course!

Josey on the ready!
I love this time of year!  I have mentioned several times that I plan my vacation time around the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Hunting for a South Georgia boy does not get any better than this.  All seasons are in.  Duck, Doves, Quail, and Deer are ready for your pursuit.  When the call came in on Friday that we had a bird (dove) shoot to go to, I was reminded once again why it does not pay to be sitting behind the desk on the week of Thanksgiving.  I was glad that my last day of pay without work would be one spent in the dove field!! (I have to return to my desk and two thousand unanswered e-mails on Monday morning).

I told Reid that we would be hunting this afternoon and started to gather our stuff together.  I put Josey the Wonder dog's e-collar on charge, found my 12 gauge shells for the Maxis, got out the proper clothing, and made sure that the batteries in my Mojo Dove decoys were fresh.

I have become a full fledged believer in the power of these little decoys and their spinning little white wings.  I received my first as a Christmas present 2 years ago and received the second on an unbelievable deal from Cabela's.  They were offering a shell belt with a designed carrying case for your Mojo Dove.  The price was only $19.99.  Here's the kicker.  A decoy was included!  A decoy alone cost over $30.  I still believe it was a mistake on their part, but I consider it my gain.  Thank you Bargain Cave!!

If there is anything that is better than one Mojo dove decoy, it's two Mojo dove decoys!!  I'm not sure if I have become a better shot over the past two years, or if the Browning Maxis has anything to do with it, but I am sure that I shoot at and kill more doves when these decoys are in the field with me.  I had them with me on opening day of this season and I had my bag limit in about half an hour and I had them with me on Friday as well.

My Dad, Reid and I pulled up to my friends farm right on time.  We gathered around to socialize for a bit and I knew very quickly that we did not have enough guns to cover the field.  Some of our regular crowd had made their way to our State playoff football game and would not be joining us.  We would be hunting a peanut field with hay bails for cover (my favorite).  The landowner gave us a quick rundown on which way the birds have been flying and Reid and I picked us a spot closer to the West end of the field.  We got settled in and waited.

Josey was building with excitement and nearly caught the first bird before it hit the ground as I made my first shot of the day on a single passing over my left shoulder.  I can not tell you how excited I am to have a bird dog that is performing above all of my expectations.  She retrieved every bird today and had no hiccups along the way.  She understands the game that we are playing and knows that she must stay close to me and keep watch on her surroundings.  She is not a finished dog by any means and still breaks on every shot, but her e-collar training has her to the point that it does not even bother me anymore.  A quick little tone on the collar has her turning back to the blind in no time flat.

The birds started coming at a steady pace and I was really making some very easy shots.  I had placed my Mojos about 50 yards apart at 10:00 and 2:00 from my hay bail at about 30 yards out.  Most of the birds were trying to light between them.  I was lucky in the fact that no one was sitting in front of me and I could take advantage of shooting at low birds (not something I usually recommend).  Everyone had a good shoot and there was a lot of birds that were never shot at, hopefully allowing us to have another chance at them in a couple of weeks.  The end result was a limit of birds with not many shells shot, a tired bird dog, a happy son and a priceless memory.  I was a good day!

I packed up my Mojo Doves and placed them in their case where they will wait for the next shoot.  They have become as important to me as my shotgun for dove hunting success.  So, If you want to make dove hunting a little easier and fill your bag limits, I would get yourself a couple of these secret weapons!

They really do work!!


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

My MoJo is named RoBo, he is a black duck magnet...

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I LOVE the Bargain Cave! That's where I get most of our stuff. I just patiently wait and most of my "wants" will eventually show up there ;)

I can almost feel Josey's tail wagging in that picture! She is on point! We shoot dove's under some phone lines that run down our property. I never thought about decoys.....hmmm, Rambob may recieve some of these for Christmas. They come too highly recommended not too ;)

Ian Nance said...

I only shop on the bargain cave. And miss dove season this season. What fun!