Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Challenge #4, sort of!!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time, you may remember that the Downeast Duck Hunter issued me a set of challenges in order to spice up my blog and get me out of a writers funk that I was in.  It was a simple dare that I took him up on that required some effort on my part, but I have to admit it was kind of fun.  There were 5 challenges in all, and the first one had to be completed in order to receive the second and so on.

The first challenge was for me to film my son catching a largemouth bass.  Challenge complete!

The second challenge was for me to show off my golfing skills.  Challenge complete!

The third challenge was a little vauge and the Duckman was asked to be amazed.  Challenge complete!

The next challenge got a little harder and I guess I will have to admit defeat.  The Duckman asked me to do a South Georgia rap song.  Now those two things just do not go very well together, so I decided that I would sing a song, but not rap a song.  The only problem is finding the time to get my buddies over to film and play while I put my vocal pipes on display.  We all have kids and it seems that time is scarce.  It has been months since challenge #4 was issued by the Duckman, and he has been very patient, but I know when I have had enough and when I have been defeated.  I will not be able to finish Challenge #4.

I will offer this however!  I DID write the song and will share the lyrics with you here!  It is set to the tune of "Simple Man" by Lynard Skinard.

You can listen to the music and get the basic idea of what I was trying to do here while you follow along!

"The Challenge"

-The Duckman told me in challenge one,
this will be easy, just video your son.
I want a largemouth, brought to his hand.
It was 4 pounds and Reid said,
Take that Duckman!!

-Take your time on Challenge two,
for this one's harder, and all on you.
Grab your golf clubs and make the shot.
Task completed Duckman,
Hey, is that all you got??


Cause I'm a challenge kind of man.
Go on and dare me, then you'll understand,
that I'm a challenge kind of man.
I will do this for ya bud, cause I can!

-In challenge three, I bared my soul.
Something different, my words were gold.
I sat there patient, as I made my plea.
Was it good enough Duckman?
Yes sir bud, you Amazed me!


-Next challenge issued, and man you laughed.
I wrote this song, because I don't rap.
If it's not worthy, well I tried,
all I want for you Duckman,
is to be satisfied!


So there you go Duckman!  That was my attempt at Challenge #4.  Maybe one day I will find the time to get it on video, but for now, this will have to do!


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Challenge accepted, on the low end of the assessment...

Challenge #5, see you in Maine... you better start raising funds, the first $100 bucks is on me...

Trey said...

Wish I was there already bud!! Gonna make it happen!!

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Awwww man, come one! I think you could have rapped it out....look at Jason Aldean. He does a great Georgia rap in his song Dirt Road Anthem.

But I am impressed with your song writing skills ;)

Steve said...

This isn't related to your challenge, but calls upon your skills. I have the task of slaughtering our Thanksgiving turkey. We could find no meat lockers to do the job for our home raised birds.

Do you have any hints that might help this rookie?


Trey said...

Wow Steve! I'm not really sure. I would just shoot him and then breast him out or pluck him clean I guess.