Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shooting Hoops for a Good Cause!

Monday February 27, 2012- AP Report

The Harlem Ambassadors took there show on the road to a small South Georgia town with historic roots on Monday night.  The Ambassadors are a traveling show basketball team made up of college graduates who share a love for basketball and children.  Their opponent on this evening was none other than our very own Fitzgerald Pioneers All Stars.  The Pioneer team was made up of fearless community leaders, businessmen, educators and even Fitzgerald's own Mayor, who have graciously given of their time and money for a chance to be on the court with basketball royalty.  The game was played in the Fitzgerald High School gymnasium and was for the benefit of the Fitzgerald/Ben Hill County Boys and Girls Club.

The game began with a fast paced first quarter that quickly erased any hopes of the home team having a chance to pull off an upset victory.  The Ambassadors took to the skies as they threw down dunks from high in the rafters and displayed bulls eye like accuracy from the three point line.  The Pioneers did however manage to score a few points and played the role of good sports as the Ambassadors used the Pioneers as props to bring delight to the children that were present among the large crowd.

The second quarter was a little slower paced and defense went out the window.  The Pioneers took the opportunity to showcase some fine basketball skills with Fitzgerald's Mayor leading the scoring and the pace.  Half time came at the right time as our local heroes were in bad need of a rest.

The third quarter started with yet another onslaught of air walking dunking displays by the Ambassadors, and although the Pioneers had been given 30 points to start the quarter, it really didn't matter!  The route was on.

The game enjoyed a slower pace in the 4th as the game turned into a show for the kids and the crowd.  The Ambassadors were complete professionals and the Pioneers proved to be very willing to help with the show.  All in all it was a very good game and the hometown boys did the best they could.  The real winners of this game were the young men and women of the Boys and Girls Club.  Thank you Ambassadors for helping us with this great cause!- AP

The Pioneers used this point guard tandem to begin the 2nd half.  It was thought that the lights from the gym might reflect off of their domes and blind their opponent.  It didn't work! (Pioneer Players Trey "Bounce Pass" Luckie and Hal "Swish" Wiley)
I was really glad to help with this cause.  We had a great time and the Ambassadors are a class act!  The sore knee that I am dealing with this morning is very worth it!  I am looking for the person that took the picture of me being dunked on for my poster!  Copies will be for sale on this site! :)

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