Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baseball Camp!

My son Reid has continued to work hard on improving his baseball skills even though his season is over.  Part of this work included a week long baseball camp at ABAC college.  This is a great camp for kids between the ages of 7 and 13.  The head coach at ABAC does a great job with the kids and stresses fundamental baseball while keeping it fun.  They work on a different skill each day and then play a scrimmage game  where they keep score and learn valuable real time game skills at the end of each practice.

Reid loved it.  As I said before, the coach does a good job with the kids.  He keeps it light and fun for them.  He has a nick name for each player.  Reid's name was "Apollo Reid!"

It was a good week and one in which Reid improved.  He brought home some bling as well.  He finished 1st in base running skills, 2nd in hitting and 2nd in pitching.  I am very proud of him!

Let's keep working son!


CHERI said...

I'm SO proud of my grandson. Keep working with him...he'll get there. And in the meantime, he'll always remember the time you spent with him.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Well done how much it pays off next season!!

Steve said...

Great for Reid! Baseball in the summer. It rates right up there with swimming in the pond/ditch, naps and, . . . well, baseball!

I really appreciate the "fun" part of the camp. Baseball like many things is work and when we realize that "work" cam be "fun' we grow as a person.

The Gang said...

Great job Reid!