Friday, June 8, 2012

Voodoo Magic!

Our baseball season is officially over, but Reid told me that he wants to continue to work on his game during the summer.  I am more than happy to oblige.  The first step was an investment in a new bat.  I admit that I fought the trend and didn't think a bat could make that much of a difference, but after watching hundreds of kids swing the new age lighter composite bats, I knew that I needed to step up to the plate and give Reid the best equipment possible for his game.

After hours of research and questioning several baseball Dads, I decided on a Demarini Voodoo 29 inch 16 oz youth half composite / half aluminum baseball bat.  This bat is an even balanced bat with a drop swing weight of -13.  The bat swings really nice and we were able to pick up an inch in length and drop an ounce in weight from Reid's previous Demarini DX2.  I am trying to get more bat speed for Reid.  He has a nice little swing, but needs to drive the ball with more authority.  We un-boxed the bat and headed for the batting cage.

As we were hitting I kept telling Reid to swing through the baseball, meaning swing the bat all the way through the swing and finish hard.  I couldn't get him to understand what I was telling him.  Then the idea hit me.  I took my phone and rigged it up in the netting of the pitcher screen and hit the video button.  This is what I got on the first try.

I then showed Reid the video.  He was able to see what I was trying to tell him.  This next video shows a better swing with the correct adjustments.  (I apologize in advance that it is not as clear as the first one.  Blogger is apparently having issues with video upload.  I had to record a recording to get this to work.)

This was much better!

Does the bat make a difference?  I really think it does.  I took some swings with it and I can tell a difference.  The ball jumps off the barrel with more pop than his other bat and it makes that wonderful pinging sound that I have been longing for.  I hope that with a steady diet of practice and if my arm doesn't fall off, we will make improvements and turn this kid into a feared hitter at the plate!


Steve said...

First off, welcome to the world of a baseball coach--your arm will be sore. I cheat by sitting on a bucket/stool behind a screen up close to the batter. You don't have to throw as hard and you can be more accurate.

You are on the right track with Reid. Swing hard all the way through contact.

Good job.

CHERI said...

I haven't been able to access the videos yet but did see one on facebook. He is still waiting for his "tire" he told me today. Glad you are working with him. I know he wants to do a good job!