Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Augusta, Home of the .....

world famous Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Golf Tournament. I had the chance to attend Monday's practice round at the Masters, and yes I did see Tiger. He was playing with Fred Couples so I followed them for a few holes. Now it is nice to be so close to these great golfers, but I go to Augusta to take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds the golf course. The blooming azaleas and dogwood trees make for quite a site against all the green grass and powder white sand traps. If you have never been it is very hard for someone to describe to you just how beautiful the entire grounds are. But Monday was different. Due to a late spring, all of the azaleas were not blooming, robbing the place of a lot of red, pink, and purple colors. There was one color however that seemed to stand out above the rest. That color was yellow! The great pine trees on the course were dumping what looked like pounds of pollen all over the grounds and into the Augusta air. As we stood at the club house and looked towards Amen corner, all you could see was a cloudy yellow haze all over the sky. Everyone was talking about how bad it was and how they were betting that they would all be sick before the weekend. So I am officially hoping for some rain before the weekend to knock some of that pollen out of the air and take some of that yellow color with it. Augusta is all about green pine trees. Not yellow ones!

Go Freddie! You the Man!!!!

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The View From A Saddle said...

I wish I could go on a practice round!! I want to take pictures up there!

Josh and I are going Sunday. I bet it won't be as interesting as the 3 way tie we got to see last year... but it'll be fun! :)