Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I like nicknames. Every group has them for each other. They can be as simple as a last name used as a first name as in my case where I get called "Luckie" a lot. They can be because of your type of profession like in Hank's case where he is called "Doc" all the time. Or they can be for a reason known by only few in the group. These are the ones that keep you guessing. I have a friend named Brian that has a nickname for just about everyone. Hang around long enough and you will soon find yourself with one too. Here are some of my favorites that all belong to different friends of mine. See if you can figure them out.

Big Sexy / Big Perm / Kick
Swine / The Administrator / Hark
Hammer / Ratt / Willie
Doc / Dunnie / Wolf
Tabes / T. Guy / Big Rat
Red Eye / Squirrel / Lil Rat
Big John / Cal / Stew Baby
JT / Bubba / Super Dawg
Heavy D / BB / Hush puppy
Swing Lube / Big Dawg / Two Gloves
Councilor / Clay-bird
Sr. Lillies / John Boy
Elvis / Jr.
Lunsford / Thunder
Blush / Bax

Now doesn't that sound like the nicest group of folks???

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