Monday, April 26, 2010

This and That!

The Kids were out of school this past week for spring break. They spent the first three days being spoiled by their Cheri at her house. Dana and I decided to take them on a day trip on Thursday. We chose to go to that little swamp down in Waycross named Okefenokee. It was a nice little trip. We saw all of the local wildlife, took a little train ride, saw a reptile show in which the kids got to touch some snakes and baby alligators, and lastly we took a little boat tour down into the swamp. The weather was nice and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Reid got a snake from the gift shop and Mia picked out an alligator. We were definitely tourist for the day!


Spring break means no school. That means easy mornings with not much rush. The kids like to go to Mama's in their PJ's, so we let them sleep a little late. Since the mornings were not very hectic, my wife said that I could catch up on my turkey hunting. I have not been able to go much because of our busy schedule. I took her up on her offer Wednesday morning. Daddy was out of town, so I was on my own. I set up in the middle of a clear cut where we had seen a gobbler the weekend before. I started calling and had a bird working very soon. I was still calling to the gobbler in the tree when I looked up and saw two birds headed my way. The Jake was leading the way but his buddy was a nice three year old bird that dropped like a ton of bricks when that Browning sounded off. He had a 10.5 inch beard with 1 1/2 inch spurs. I was back in the truck and headed home by 7:00.

I went back to the woods on Friday morning with Daddy. We set up in about the same spot to see if I could get that other gobbler that had been talking to me on Wednesday. He was still there and was roosted on the edge of the clear cut about 400 yards away. We worked him a long time before he decided to head our way. Can you believe that he came down the same path that my gobbler from Wednesday walked? He also had a Jake leading his way right to us. I dropped him within 20 yards of where I killed my Wednesday gobbler. He was a two year old bird with a 10 3/4 inch beard. It was a good week for me, not so good for the turkeys! I have now killed the limit and will put the Browning up for the year. I will however offer my calling services to any of my friends that need a little help filling their quota.


I helped my neighbor put together a ping-pong table this weekend. I have always like ping-pong. The Stone boys had one growing up and we played on it a lot. When I got into college we had a table in the fraternity house that got its share of play also. It was fun to play again as I have not touched a paddle in years. Maybe I will get one for my shop for Reid and I to play on. For now I guess I will just have to head to my neighbor's house to re-live some of my youth.


The Braves are stinking up the joint! That is all!

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