Saturday, June 26, 2010

GA Sports Hall of Fame and Baseball Card Show

I had a good time today!  I took Reid and his friend Samuel to Macon for a baseball card show.  It was the first card show that I have been to in almost 20 years.  Better yet it was held at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame Museum.  They have a very nice place and the boys seemed to really like it.  They have sports exhibits of all of Georgia's  sports teams from high school to professional as well as individual star exhibits.  They also have interactive exhibits in which you can shoot basketball, throw a football, play trivia, record a call of Hank Aaron's 715th home run, etc, etc. 

The boys are pictured here in front of a stadium scene in the track and field section.  Reid is holding up a Chipper Jones card that he purchased.  The card show was pretty neat and the boys were easy customers.  They would just ask the vendors where the Braves cards were.  We would spend some time looking through the cards and picking out Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Tommy Hanson and a few others.  We could get most of the cards for less than 50 cents a piece, so we didn't spend much money but the boys thought they had struck gold.  I did manage to get Samuel a Jason Heyward rookie card for a fair price and a Chipper Jones rookie card as well.  He had been earning some money for doing his chores and was bound to spend it.  I wanted him to spend it wisely so we invested in a couple of rookie cards that hopefully will one day turn out to be good finds!

I enjoyed the card show as well.  It was fun to look at all of the old cards and see what kind of price they were bringing.  The hobby still seems to be doing pretty well and vendors acted like they were staying busy.  I purchased a Stephen Strasburg rookie card for my collection.  A cheap one.  Not the one that is currently for sale on ebay that is bringing $500,000 as we speak.  Can you believe that someone is willing to take a half million dollar gamble on a kid that has pitched 4 major league games?  He has electric stuff, but he could blow out his arm tomorrow.  Just ask Mark Prior!

I will leave you with the following picture.  This was so cool.  This is a cut out of two Georgia Southern football players carrying Erk Russell off of the field after one of our National Championships.  I think I played the part of the bald coach pretty well!
It was a fun day and I hope the boys enjoyed it as much as I did!


Michael Ruffin said...

Yeah, you do resemble Erk--but you need a little scar tissue on your forehead. Better get out and head butt a few helmets. Glad y'all had a good time.

CHERI said...

My 3 boys look like they had a great time. You were a good daddy and "uncle" to take them.