Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Camp Kaleo RA Trip

The Royal Ambassadors of First Baptist Church of Fitzgerald made our way to the RA State Camp out this past weekend.  Our destination was Camp Kaleo and we took the largest crowd of boys that have ever made the trip.  We competed in a variety of competitions and the boys had a great time camping out in their tents and playing in the woods.  I will let the pictures tell the story!

Dinner time around the camp fire.  Reid's tent is the small mansion seen in the top right corner!
More of the camp site
This is Death Hill!  The boys love this place!  They slide and slide!
Best friends, Reid and Taylor
Reid on the archery range
The start of the Wild Wood Run
Fire building
Individual knot tying competition.  Reid finished second for the second year in a row!
Showing off the hardware
The following video is of Reid tying his three knots in the Team Rope Craft competition.  Our team finished second with Reid leading the way by tying the bowline, the double bowline, and the running bowline all correctly!

This is what the entire trip is all about!!
We had a great time and I look forward to spending more time in the woods with my son.  We have a great RA program and some great guys volunteering their time to lead these young men!  I am very thankful for my church and my church family for providing us with the means necessary for us to take these kind of trips!  The boys love it and I know the Dad's do too!

See you next year Camp Kaleo!!


Michael Ruffin said...

Outstanding! Proud of our RAs and grateful for their leaders!

CHERI said...

Can he get a scholarship for knot-tying???

Downeast Duck Hunter said...

With that type of knot tying mayhem, that young man has a guaranteed position aboard the Ducks and Bucks in pursuit of the mighty lobster.

I would have gone crazy to attend a camp like that when I was younger, guess that's why I make it happen now.

Great post my man,


River Mud said...

Awesome! Look forward to doing the same kind of stuff with my little guy!