Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Star is Born!

The difference between you and her is that she makes this look GOOD!
The T-ball world was introduced to Miss Mia last night and it may never be the same.  Have you ever seen a cuter Chipmunk??  Her little team did really well and Mia hit the ball each time at bat.

In the field is another story.  Don't let this "ready" stance fool you!  Her Papa asked her the other day how T-ball practice was going.  She said that "it was going good."  He asked her if she could hit the ball and she said "Yes, I can hit it real hard!".  He then asked her if she could catch the ball and she very matter of fact replied, "We don't do that!  We just stand there and look cute!"

I was proud of one thing last night.  She was the last batter one inning, which means that she gets to circle the bases for a home run.  Watch the video and I think you will agree that my little girl has WHEELS!! (sorry for the screaming into the mic)

I admit that the slide into home needs a little work, but we will get there.  After the game she was so excited!  I asked her if she was excited about the game and she said "Kinda.  But I'm more excited about the hot dog I'm gonna get!"

T-ball may never be the same!!  :)


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Rock on Mia! You can see that Chipmunk attitude with that hand on her hip, hahah. I think she will give T-Ball a run for its money ;)

Jan said...

Way to go Mia! I am sure she will be the talk of the Chipmunk team!! Precious!

TexWisGirl said...

she's adorable. :)

CHERI said...

That's my grandgirl:) Let's just hope she takes after you and her Papa and not her Aunt Mandy and her Cheri!

Emily said...

What a cutie! And I agree.. she has some wheels on her!