Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sad, but Good Day!

A large group of some very excellent guys gathered today to honor our brother Shoun.  Although it was a sad day for all of us, it was really good that we could all share in this together.  These brothers really are the meaning of...

Not for an hour, a day or a college term only, but a Kappa Sigma is for life!!

I got to see some guys that I haven't seen in a long time, including my little brother Joe C and his beautiful family.  They were on their way home to Florida from a vacation in the North Carolina Mountains.  I have not seen him in almost 10 years. 

Almost 30 of Shoun's brothers made the trip today.  Most of them are seen in the picture above.  Thanks for being true brothers guys.  Let's get together in happier times real soon!



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CHERI said...

I'm sure the family appreciated all of you being there. It always helps to see that your loved one was cared about and respected.