Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday 2012 Soccer Camp!

Reid is in soccer camp this week!  This is his third year in the Challenger Sports British Soccer Program.  To say that he has improved because of this camp is an understatement.  This camp has taught him a lot about soccer that I could not possibly teach him.  I know little to nothing about the game.  He has been doing well this week and scored 6, yes 6, goals in one of his matches yesterday.  I am very proud of him.

The coaches make it very fun for the kids and Wednesday is "Wacky Wednesday".  The picture above was Reid's hair style last year.  He wanted the same "do" for this year, but we let his hair get a little too long for it to stand up, so we went with this....

Kind of looks like Gene Simmons on a bad hair day! 

Have fun son and don't get use to this hair style!!

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CHERI said...

I thought last year was bad, but this year.....! Wow! He's so cute but sure hope he is now ready to get a haircut! I don't think I could handle this on a daily basis:) So proud of his 6 goals...that's awesome!