Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mia Mandy!!

To my baby girl on her birthday,

I knew you were a little girl the day that we found out that you were on the way. You had to be because I wanted you so bad and I was also given a sign. The doctor told us that your original due date was May the 20th. Did you know that was the date of your Aunt Mandy's birthday? I knew right then that you would be a little girl and that God would bless my family with you and help to possibly fill a void in our lives that has been there since the day your Aunt Mandy died. Now you know how you got your middle name. She would have loved you so much! You are so special to all of us, but you are definitely Daddy's little girl!

You are a beautiful blond headed, blue eyed, smiling, loving, hugging and kissing, always loud, personality plus, hot mess! You have your Daddy wrapped around all of your little fingers. I could not ask for a better snuggle partner, which is how you and I start each day. I always get you out of bed first so that we can have an extra few minutes together before the day gets busy. We then wake up Reid together because you like to get in the bed with him. You are a good sister to your big Brother. You want to be with him most of the time. He is good to you also, but I think he knows he has to be or you will set him straight.

We had you a birthday party this past Saturday. It was a bicycle party and most of your little friends came. You got lots of presents! Your Mama and I got you an American doll. You already have one named Mia that your Cherry got you two years ago. She was the girl of the year in 2008. This years girl of the year was Lanie. You said that Mia needed a best friend and you picked Lanie out of the little American Girl magazine that you enjoy getting each month. I thought it was perfect because when your Mama and I were trying to come up with a name for you I liked the name Mandy Lane, and I was going to call you Lanie. Isn't that neat?!

I just wanted you to know today on your 4th birthday that you are your Daddy's world! I love you so much! I just have one request. Stop growing right now!!! I mean it! I don't think I can handle boys and prom dresses. Why can't we just stay with Barbies and pig-tails? I admit that I love being the center of your life and I am not looking forward to that changing anytime soon. I know that I can not stop you from getting bigger or older, but I can let you know that no matter how grown you get, you will always be Daddy's Baby Girl and I expect hugs and kisses everyday!!

Happy Birthday Mia Mandy! The world is yours for the taking!! I love you bunches and bunches!!!



Jan said...

Trey you are such a great daddy! Hope that Mia has a very happy birthday and tell her that her Aunt Jan loves her!! It is really unbelievable how fast they grow up and I know you don't want to hear that! Can't believe that my "babies" will be 20 in a few months. Enjoy every day!

The View From A Saddle said...

Trey, that was so sweet!!

Happy Birthday Mia!! See you in June!! :)