Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seminoles finish season on high note!

The Fitzgerald Little league 7-8 year old Seminole baseball team finished the season in style tonight by avenging an earlier loss to what some thought was a better team.  Battling back from a two run deficit, the Seminoles plated 3 runs in the late innings to take a 4-3 lead and held on to that lead by playing stellar defense in the field.  Leading the defensive effort was second baseman Reid Luckie, who made several nice plays and threw out three would be base runners.  Said Reid after the game, "I just caught it and threw them out.  It was fun!"    In speaking with Coaches Trey Luckie and Blake Brown, it was obvious how proud they were of these boys.  "We came a long way this season.  We don't win this game earlier this year.  But our boys were willing to listen to instruction and worked really hard to become better.  I am so proud of these boys!" remarked Coach Luckie.  Coach Brown followed up by saying that Coach Luckie had said it all.  Several of the devoted fans remarked on the vast improvement that the team had made since the first game.  In the mind of this reporter, at this age, that is all that should matter.  In a league in which the score is not actually kept, the boys should learn to love the game and do there best to improve each week.  The Seminoles did just that.  Overheard was one teammate asking one of the coaches when the next practice was.  The coach told him that the season was over and the little boy sighed a hefty sigh and said that he was not ready for it to end.  I say these coaches have done their job!!

Trophies were passed out to all teammates after the win and pizza was devoured by all.  Gloves and bats were gathered up and placed in the proper bags and everyone was already looking forward to next year.  I hope that these coaches have instilled a work ethic in the kids and a love for the game that will make them want to play all summer long even though there time as a Seminole is over.  Watching the development of this team over the past few weeks, I have no doubt that these coaches have done just that!

Congratulations Seminoles!  You have made your coaches very proud!!!


Michael Ruffin said...

How cool is that! And such objective reporting! Outstanding job all around.

CHERI said...

I'm so proud of my little guy (and my big guy too).