Sunday, May 23, 2010

What would the society ladies think????

A good friend of mine got married this past weekend. It was a nice wedding that was followed by a very nice reception. The wedding was attended well by all kinds of guest. There were friends of the bride and friends of the groom. There were family members, church members, and fellow work partners. Even the Hump Day crew was well represented. The wedding was also attended by the society ladies that never miss a wedding. You know the gals. They are the ones that write up those little articles that appear in the local paper following every shower or tea. You know the ones. They start out by telling you what the bride wore and how her flowers were decorated, and what food was served and who were the special guest. They can be a little over the top sometimes. Well the "hump day" boys got to talking about this the other night and decided to have a little fun. Since we had ourselves hosted a small hump day tool party for a couple of the guys who were about to be married, we decided to write our own article that will never have a hope of seeing print in the local paper. If guys wrote society wedding articles, it would go something like this.... (names have been changed to protect the innocent)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Wess Harper was feted at a Weekly Hump Day Celebration. The guest of honor wore a red T-shirt with a pocket on the left chest accented with khaki shorts and black toe thong sandals. His ensemble also included a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses that he wore backwards around his neck and a WWJD bracelet on his left wrist. Guests were served corn meal crusted appaloosa catfish quarters, fried potatoes, melange of cabbage with mayonnaise and various carbonated or fermented beverages all prepared by renowned local chef Warren Dent. The pavilion was decorated with vintage yard working utensils and sports memorabilia. The table was decorated with genuine imitation paper linens. The dinner fair was served in recycled cardboard containers. The guest of honor was presented with numerous implements, little used for their intended purpose. However, all items can double as paper weights. He was also presented with a pink leash and collar indicative of his new station in life. Special guests included Wes’s father, Judge Ben Harper who regaled the assembled guests with humorous antic dotes, and brother of the groom, Tyler Harper, who provided the dinner fair, thanks to his extensive knowledge of angling and electricity. Other special guests from out of town included Wes’s cousins, Keith and Kenny Black who both cheer for and graduated from Irwin County. Remarked the Blacks, "This is the best time to be had outside of the Ocilla Sweet Potato Festival". The night was filled with encouraging advice from the host with “Run Wess Run” being a recurring theme. The wedding will be held sometime this month in South Georgia. Not sure where or when, if you really want to know ask his mama or his wife to be! Congratulations Wess, from the Hump Day Crowd!

Now that would be worth reading! Don't you think??


CHERI said...

What about all those pictures in the local paper of (usually) some guy holding up a big fish or recently shot deer telling where it was bagged, how much it weighed, etc., etc., etc.?????

Trey said...

touche` Mother, touche`