Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Spot!

I like new things.  Some people are set in their ways and do not like for anything to be changed in their life (my son comes to mind), but not me.  I enjoy new things and look at them as challenges that must be met and in some cases overcome.  Life is more exciting that way and my competitive nature needs for there to be new challenges or experiences to keep my mind and soul fresh and energetic.  It can be something as simple as driving a different route to get somewhere or as complex as making a life change that requires dedication to something or someone (exercising comes to mind).  Right now I am focused on one of those small changes, but it has me very excited for the weekend to get here.  I have a new hunting spot!

With deer season upon us and rifle season approaching, the people around these parts are getting ready by cleaning off there old deer stands or creating opportunities for new ones.  My Dad and I have been on the same property for 20 years, so we know most of the spots that we should be hunting and already have stands set up for those spots.  Last year however, we inherited a section of the club that we have never hunted before.  We put up some stands and had good luck in seeing a lot of deer but we also took notes and plan on using our education as we get ready for this season. 

As I would sit on one of the new stands that we set up last year, I would always see deer crossing the road that I would walk down to get to my stand.  This was about 150 yards up the hill.  We did some looking around and found a very good trail leading off of our neighbor's property on to ours.  The trail skirted a bottom and led to a section of our land that we have never hunted.  It looked very promising!  It was very thick in there and hard to access, but we found a tree that we thought would be good to hang a stand on and vowed to get this place ready to hunt.

Daddy got the tractor last week and did our yearly mowing of our food plots and roads.  If we would ever get some rain we would be ready to plant, but that is another post for another day.  While he had the bush hog hooked up he decided to make us a path to our new hunting spot to make it easier for us to access and allow for a quiet approach.  He also decided to cut us in some shooting lanes and mowed between two pine rows all the way up the hill and even to the next stand site.  This will give the deer and turkeys an easy path to travel as they make there way out of the bottom and up the hill to the feeder about 400 yards away.  The big boys may not use this new path very often, but the does will and I will be waiting when he tries to skirt around the bottom looking for his girlfriends.

I also plan on trying out a mock scrape in this bottom.  I was reading a blog the other day about a guy who has had some success with this.  There are plenty of spots to try this and I plan on setting up a camera when we hang the stand this weekend to see if I can get any activity.

Like I said, sometimes the little things can make my week.  I'm looking forward to getting in the woods Saturday morning with my Dad to hang a stand, trim some limbs, do a little scouting, and start the chess match with that big boy buck that I know is out there somewhere!

I'll try and take my camera and maybe get a few shots of the "new spot".  Look forward to sharing with those of you who may be interested!

Happy Hunting!!


Anonymous said...

New spots are always a fun challenge. Hope this one brings you big bucks, great does, and lots of fond memories! Good Luck hunting Trey!

CHERI said...

Guess it's almost time for me to be a deer-widow again! When does wife season come in???

Dennis said...

Good luck out there Trey!!

heyBJK said...

Hunting a new place is always exciting! It's refreshing to see new territory. I hope it works out for you! It's taking me a while to visit the blogs of my new followers, but I'm getting it done.

Bill said...

Good luck this season Trey! Hunting new spots always keeps it interesting.