Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing with the Big Boys!!

Georgia Southern will hit the road this weekend with its "new" "old" offense.  The triple option that has brought Georgia Southern 6 National football titles has returned to Statesboro.  We finished off Savannah State last weekend 48-3, but this weekend will be a little different.  We will travel up the interstate to collect a big check, but when we get there we have to play a little game against The Naval Academy.  Navy is a division one school and Georgia Southern has never beaten a division one school.  We have come close a couple of times, even leading Florida State in the fourth quarter in 1988, however the size and depth always catches up with us.  There is hope however!  Jacksonville State defeated Ole Miss last weekend.  That was a 1-AA school beating a 1-A school and giving hope to all the rest of us little guys!  (I refuse to mention that other school that plays in our conference that beat Michigan a few years ago!)

Some schools will not play Georgia Southern because of our unique offense.  That is not the case with Navy.  Our old Coach, Paul Johnson (who is now the coach at Georgia Tech) left Georgia Southern after two National titles to coach the Midshipmen.  They run the same offense that we do.  Everything should be familiar and I don't think either team will fool the other.

We will be out manned on Saturday, but here is me doing some wishful thinking!  Georgia Southern pulls the upset and wins 27-24 on a blocked punt and a trick play!!!!!!

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!! 

The Braves are playing like a little league team right now so, have a great football weekend everybody!

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CHERI said...

GO EAGLES!!! I was proud of them! I've been doing some reading on blogging. Many folks think you should stop the word-verification process. Evidently BLOGGER now has spam control and folks say you don't need the verif. thing. They also say many people won't comment if they have to go through that is aggravating. I turned mine off awhile back and there have been no problems. They also say if your blog loads slowly folks won't visit but I test yours and it's just a little over 1 second so you're fine.