Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It was a good Birthday!

38 years ago today I was brought into this world.   Yes today was my birthday and I have to say that I had a wonderful day.  I got hugs and kisses from the wife and kids as soon as we were all awake.  The girls at work gave me a card and some goodies this morning and the rest of the day was followed with wonderful e-mail updates of birthday wishes from all of my facebook pals.  I got phone calls and text messages from others and even an e-mail from a good friend saying that my birthday wish had come true.... the Braves have released Melky Cabrera!!!

I arrived home to find the gifts that you see here and was treated to a wonderful home cooked meal by my wonderful Mama.  The Georgia Southern tail gate chair and shirt were given to me by my "in tune with what I like" wife.  The GSU sign for my shop was given to me by my thoughtful Mother-in law.  The wonderful item in my left hand is a new trail camera given to me by Mama and Daddy.  I have already been to Wal-mart to get batteries and a new SD card.  I am presently taking pictures of the dog as she is sitting in my chair.  They are turning out VERY nice!!

Thank you to all of you who remembered me on my special day!  If you forgot to get me a present you can just bring it by later!

Have a great week!!


CHERI said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only son...I loved you the minute you were born, even before then. Sure glad the hospital-swap thing got worked out correctly...or I mighta brought home a cute little baby girl instead! And I have finally forgiven your father and my doctor for looking at a Playboy magazine while I was suffering in labor!!! I hope you have many, many more happy birthdays...after all, you gotta stay around and take care of your daddy and me in our old age! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, my new blogging friend. We have something in common. Mine was just a few days ago. I got the same wish you got. Melky is gone!

Joe said...

Happy Birthday Trey.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to ya Trey!

Here's to this one and many more. Cheers.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you scored some nice gifts there.

Dennis said...

Happy Birthday Trey (I know I'm late, was jammed up this week sorry bud)...hope you have a great Sunday!!