Thursday, October 28, 2010

We like Halloween!

We like Halloween around our house.  I live with a family of sweet tooth's, so what's not to like.  The kids and the wife enjoy the dressing up and the CANDY!  Me, I like Halloween for another reason.  I like to carve the pumpkins!  I bought a carving kit the Halloween before I got married and surprised my new bride with a dragon fly pumpkin that included her name.  I was hooked from that point.  Above is the pumpkin I carved for myself last Halloween.  I wonder where I got the inspiration?

This is the pumpkin that the wife carved last year.  This one was really cool because the pumpkin was solid white.  It turned out very pretty.  I was proud of her!  It was her first attempt at pumpkin carving, but she is very artistic so I agreed to let her give it a shot!

This is what the kids asked for this year.  I carved them tonight because they didn't want to wait until this weekend.  They are mini pumpkins, so I really did not have a lot of space to work with.  Reid wanted a bat and Mia wanted a girl pumpkin.  Notice the hair bow on the left side of the face.

I have two big pumpkins left to go.  I will spend tomorrow thinking about what design I want to do this year and see what kind of patterns I can find.  The carving will take place on Saturday.  I think I may go with a Braves theme this year!  I'll post pictures when I get them finished for your viewing pleasure!

Happy carving!!

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Jan said...

Don't you just love Halloween? We have always carved pumpkins and now it's much more art involved than when ours were small! Have a good time with your family and hope to see you before too much longer! Thanksgiving at my house for sure!