Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My new trail camera!

As some of you may remember, I received a new trail camera for my birthday.  I had the opportunity to get it in the woods this past Sunday afternoon.  I placed it near a high deer traffic area (a feeder) so that I could see how it was going to operate and what kind of pictures it was going to take.  I picked up a sandwich at lunch today and ran out to our hunting club to see if I was able to catch some images.  The camera was in an easy access area so I wasn't really worried about messing up my shirt and tie and pretty loafers.  I checked the camera and it told me that I had 53 pictures for review.  I changed out the card and headed back to the office.

I got the usual pictures of coons, squirrels and a few does.  I also got several pictures of small bucks ranging from spikes, to fork horns, to small six points.  But I also got this guy.  He made the trip worth while.  I actually have two pictures of him three hours apart, but this one turned out the best.  I actually saw this deer this past weekend but elected not to take him.  I think he is a fairly young deer and I would love for him to make it to next season.

Daddy and I have seen several bucks this size so far this year.  I think that we have seen at least 5 different 8 points in different locations on our club.  If the rut brings out the big boys, then we may be in for a great year!

Happy Hunting!!


The View From A Saddle said...

Cooool!!! i love looking at those pictures! There is a guy that follows Ashlee's blog, Joe, that posts trail camera photos. he has bears and everything where he lives! :)

Ashlee said...

Cool! Great shot! I hope he makes it to be a big fella.

Dennis said...

Sweet shot Trey....Good Luck out there!!

Anonymous said...

That's a handsome buck! Good to see your b-day present being put to good use too ;-)