Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's the Hedgehog's World! I'm just living in it!

Ok, before all of you think that I have lost my mind I do plan on explaining all of this.  This little guy here on the right, Mr. Sonic, has consumed more hours of my life than I care to admit.  For those of us who were gunning for higher education in the early 1990's in universities across our great nation, we may remember that this little dude came roaring through TV sets and sound systems in dorm rooms and fraternity houses like wildfire, taking with him any memory of Mario and his little princess.  As soon as you heard that sweet musical sound of "Saaay Gaaaa" (SEGA for the un-educated) you were ready to take on the world and let this speedy little hedgehog be your guide as he ran, jumped, and worked to gather small gold rings that would ensure his life in his travels! Your goal was to defeat that stupid little man that had all the gadgets and set all of Sonic's little animal friends free.  After you spent the better part of a quarter of school figuring out just how to defeat that stupid little man, out comes SONIC 2!!!!!!  I do miss college! :)

Why in the world would I be admitting to all of this??  Well it all started back during Christmas!

My son has a Nintendo DS, which is a hand held video game system.  He has some pretty neat games that he has accumulated over the past couple of years.  Sometimes he receives games for the system, which was the case this past Christmas when my Grandmother gave him one.  The problem began when Reid opened his present and realized that he already owned the game in which he was given.  No problem, as the receipt was saved just in case this very thing happened.  We brought the game home and made plans to visit a Game Stop to make a swap.

That day came just a couple of weeks ago.  As we entered the Game Stop I was wondering what game my son would choose.  He never picks games that I think are interesting or fun, so I wasn't expecting much.  We gave the lady our receipt and she gave us our total amount of our refund.  As we approached the DS section of the store to look for a new game things started to move in slow motion.  "Dream Weaver" started playing on a loud speaker somewhere in my head.  A spotlight came out of no where and was shinning on what I thought could only be a figment of my imagination, for there on the shelf sitting right next to the Lego Star Wars game was SONIC the HEDGEHOG!!  Not only was my blue little buddy staring right at me, but he was taunting me with the fact that this one game cartridge contained not only the original version, but versions 2, 3, AND 4!!!!!!  ALL ON THE SAME GAME!!!!

I quickly snapped back to the reality of the situation as I pondered my dilemma.  How was I going to sell this idea to my son who had already picked up a different game.  The game I wanted was actually in the "retro" section.  This was not going to be easy.  I started out kind of casual as I mentioned that maybe he should have a look at this game with this little blue guy on it.  He replied, "Hey Daddy, That's Sonic!"  I almost cried as I remembered that Mr. Hedgehog is actually on a Winter Olympic Wii game that we have.  He looked it over as I was calmly explaining to him that this game was actually 4 games in one.  He put it down and moved on to the next one.  I began my sales pitch once again by telling him that Daddy use to play this game almost 20 years ago and that I was sure that he would like it.  To my surprise he gave in and said OK!!

My son has not seen his DS since!

He may never see it again!!

Someone please help me because I really have other stuff that I need to be doing!!!  :)


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

I'm a couple of years after the Sega but do remember the Ninja Gaiden that my buddy next door had, but we all were into the first Nintendo getting a million lives but jumping on the turtle on the mountain.

In college I got sucked into the Ken Griffey Jr.'s baseball and began a season. I was dominating all the way until the World Series. Won the first three, lost the next three, and Frank Thomas pounds a walk off home run to crush my efforts, dreams, and overall happiness. You can find the game about two hundred feet out in the woods behind my rent in 1999.

Trey said...

I would have cut the game off before he ever crossed the plate, but that's just my competitive nature!!

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

I had played the full 150 game season, and had to be true. My staff was Kile, Glavine, Maddux, and another guy (amazed that I remembered three). Maddux was 23-1 and Mark McGwire (my first draft pick) had 79 ding dongs. There was no way I could have pressed power, but I definitely won the Gold for the Griffey Jr. baseball launch. Man wasn't I mad, and my wife (then girlriend) so happy to see an era end...