Thursday, February 3, 2011

100th Post for Brave Eagles Hunt with Antique Brownings!!

Wow!  I never thought that I would have enough things to talk about to reach 100 post here on my little part of the Internet.  My blog is just under 1 year old, and I have to say that I am proud of myself for this very small accomplishment.  When I first started I really did not know what I wanted to do besides get a few ideas down so that I could go back and relive some of my life experiences.  In the beginning, I would write something and all I could hear was crickets in the comments section.  No one was reading this thing except my mother and my preacher.  They would leave a few comments here and there but for the most part I felt like I was all alone.  I started doing something about that.  I did a little research on how to get people to follow your blog.  I came to find out what I already knew.  If you want someone to be a friend to you, be a friend to them.  I started following blogs that interested me and leaving comments.  Some of the first blogs were Whitetail Woods, I Don't Wear Pink Camo, and Scent Free Lip Gloss.  I started linking to blogs that they liked and followed and before you know it I was making blog friends all over the place and even feeling comfortable enough to start joking around with the Down East Duck hunter! (Since it is Super Bowl week, please take note that the DEDH's twin brother is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers!)  I then joined the Outdoor Blogger Network and I finally feel like there are those of you out there that actually read this thing on a regular basis  For those of you that do, I want to say THANK YOU!!!

Most of my followers have started following me in the last few months.  I really do thank you for your effort in the last few months, but I feel that some of my best work was done when I was here all alone.  So with that in mind, I would invite all of you to go back and read some of my earlier post that I am very proud of.

There is this one about Coon Hunting.
There is this one about a very special lady to all the boys in my old neighborhood.
There is this one about the Hump Day Crowd,
and this one about some fun that we had.
And this one about my my dealings with the phone company.
But this one is my favorite and I hope really defines who I am.

It is amazing to me how we are all connected in this world.  I feel that I have made some good friends through blogging and I hope to continue to grow those friendships even though I have never once met most of you in person.  Some people just share kindred spirits even though one of us may live in South Georgia, Texas, California, or Maine.

I love good friends!  I believe that God has blessed me with good friends and he continues to bless me everyday!  You never know who you might meet next as you scroll the blogs of fellow bloggers!  I know for a fact that is the reason I am hooked on this blogging thing. 

You never know who you might meet next!!!!!

So with that in mind I offer the following story.....

  As I was Passin thru the Outdoors, I decide to go Across the Branch to do a little hunting in the Whitetail Woods.  I have had this Outdoor Fever ever since I went on Adventures with (my) Dad at a young age.  He always taught me to carry plenty of Bullets and Biscuits and to be prepared for The Wild Life that may be out there beyond the Massanutten Game Trails.
  As I traveled on the Jerico Road  and checked out My View from My Saddle, my mind started to Ramble like a Hunting Nut.  "This is Troutrageous" I said to myself.  "It is too cold to be here chasing game like some Rabid Maine Outdoorsman". 
  The River Mud was clinging to my boots as my mind started to focus on my stubborn side.  I said to myself, "Hey, You Don't wear Pink Camo to the Woods!"  "Get out there and Hunt Like You Are Hungry!"
  I pressed on like a Fall Road Archer as I was determined to fill my tag and give my buddy Rob something to write in his Hunting Journal.
  Just as I was re-applying my Scent Free Lip Gloss, a nice 12 point buck crossed the logging trail 100 yards in front of my location.  I yelled "HEY BJK!", because I couldn't think of anything else to say, and the buck stopped in his tracks.  I dropped him with one shot and my hunt was over as quick as it began. 
  With deer season behind me, it was time to head Downeast to do a little duck hunting and show my friends the damage that a Browning Maxus can do on a sea duck.  Until then......Happy hunting!!

Thanks to all my followers!  You really are the greatest!!


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Great post!! This may be the coolest 100th post write ups so far, well done & a blast to read. I just hope you don't end up in Florida when you travel downeast.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to share stories and learn more about your world. So I raise the mug, and look forward to the next 100.
Congrats top dog, blogging has been more interesting and worthwhile since you've flown into the decoys.

Ashlee said...


Steve said...

Great 100th! And many more 100's to come we hope.


Trey said...

DEDH- I have been educated and I now know that "downeast" really means "UP NORTH". Go figure!!

Thanks Steve, one of my newest followers, and my wonderful cousin Ash who has been here from the beginning!!

Joe said...

Congrats on reach 100 and I hope you have many more.

jmluckie said...

Way to go.You do a fine job with your stories.

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

I really love the way you did your 100th post. Very cool and interesting. I'm glad you pointed out some of your earlier took me from re-living my tugging at my heart strings. Keep up the great work!

I also LOVED The Sandlot and it should be a "have to watch" requirement to graduate from school!...just saying

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

And awesome blogger(name) story....that's pretty dang creative. Now I'm just pissed I didn't think of something as cool as that for my 100th!

CHERI said...

Now could you have not worked CHERI'S CHATTER into that story somewhere??? Congrats on such a good blog. I'm glad that your talents of singing and writing are being utilized. We are very proud of you!

Scott said...

Happy 100th Trey. Looking forward to the next 100.

Alex said...

Congrats on 100! Keep up the good work. I always look forward to your next entry.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Trey on this bloggin' milestone! I love your story too. That was just plain ol' fun to read!

Here to you, your blog, and to many, many more posts! CHEERS!!!

jmluckie said...

You've come far pilgram.

Anonymous said...

Trey, I will have to agree with your could have gotten Cheri's Chatter in there somewhere :), but you did do a great job!!!! Very impressive & creative thinking!!!

Molly said...

hahaha Uncle Johnny's comment cracks me up!

I not only 'follow' you through my blog, but Josh does too! He loooves reading Trey's blog! :)

Love you and congrats!

Swamp Thing said...

Great 100! Love reading your tall tales, keep 'em coming!