Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day!

Wednesdays mean different things to different people. For me it's simple. Wednesday is my day to see the boys! After the kids are dealt with and after choir practice (on most weeks)the boys gather at a pre-determined barn, shop, or shelter for eats, drinks, and conversation. It's kind of like a weekly poker night without the poker. The tradition started with Bill Bryant, owner of Bryant Golf Carts, and Gill Braddy, a local attorney. Bill and Gill are back door neighbors and would meet on Wednesday nights for some grilling in Bill's shop. I started stopping by a few years ago on my way home from choir practice to see what was cooking or see what new carts Bill was working on. The party grew as Hank Cook would also stop by and his brothers Clay and Todd as well. The list grew to Hal Wiley, Brad Dent, Will Hammond and a few non-regulars stared to show up as well. The weekly gathering now includes anywhere from 5 to 15 folks. The rules are pretty simple. You may host a hump day at your location as long as it is within golf cart riding distance of Bill's house (he made the rule). If you host, you cook! If you do not host, you still cook on occasion and have full use of Bill's barn. We have a good time visiting with each other and keep it pretty clean. We even invite the preacher when we have special treats such as oysters or fried quail. The menu can be as simple as fresh sausage and sweet corn all the way to grilled red fish and grilled tomatoes.

Bill says that we are part of the Bryant Golf Carts family and has job descriptions for most of us. They are as follows:

Hank, a local dentist, is Chairman of the Board
Gill, attorney, is in loss prevention
Clay, a local logger, is in maintenance and repair
Brad, a local Windstream sales person in on temporary leave
Trey, is in finance
Hank B. is in insurance
Hal, local verizon store owner, is in communications
Will, local health care supplier, is in first aid and safety.

It's a good group and I am glad that my wife understands my need to see the boys every now and again. I have always loved having good friends and being a good friend. I'm happy every week when Hump Day rolls around!

So go out and start your own Hump day tradition with some good friends! Got to go! The boys are waiting!!!


Ashlee said...

Sounds fun. I had a hump day pizza outing today to celebrate the upcoming spring break and the rest of the week with no tests. It was fun!

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Rambob has his male gathering on Thursday nights and they were really creative with their name.....Guys Nite. can you feel me rolling my eyes yet? haha. They do pretty much the same thing as you, drink and be merry. Most wives get mad but I think its great fellowship for the guys.... especially to the end a long work week.