Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just another hobby!

I like antique furniture. The history of old furniture and the possibilities of where it has been fascinates me. I have several pieces in my house including a buffet that belonged to my Great Grandmother, a pie safe that came out of our old Elementary school, and a desk and table that belonged to my Grandfather. But my favorite pieces are oak center tables like the one shown in this picture. They are know by several different names. Some people call them parlor tables, or fern tables, or radio tables, or spindle leg tables. They are simple little tables that do not take up much room and are quite pretty with their spindle legs and rich oak color. My folks have a couple of these tables at their house that they picked up at an auction here and there. I have always been fond of them and bought our first one for Dana several years ago for Christmas. That purchase led to my current hobby.

We needed some type of table to go between the two windows in our living room. It needed to have some height because it needed to hold a lamp. Dana had mentioned that she liked Mama's center table that she had at her house that was serving the same kind of purpose that we needed our table to do. I set out for antique stores across south GA looking for the perfect table. I went into every antique and junk store from Perry to Moultrie looking for what I wanted. I finally found my table at Sid's antiques in Moultrie, but along the journey found that I liked looking for antiques like little lost treasures. It was a rush to walk into that final store and find what I had been looking for.

My "junking" as I call it has a different kind of meaning now. I'm not out looking for finished tables for my living room. I'm out looking for tables that have been neglected or painted over. I enjoy bringing them back to life!! They are hard to find but that makes it all the more fun. I love finding a table that I can buy for $25-$45 and turning it into something that I can sell for $150-$200 with just some paint stripper and a lot of sanding. One of the prettiest tables that I have was bought at an auction for $5. It now sits at the bottom of my stairs and I would not take $500 for it because it was the first one that I ever brought back to life, and it turned out beautiful!!

I currently have one completed table for sale and one that needs one more coat of polish before it is ready to sell. That just means that I have to get out there and go junking again so that I can rebuild the inventory. Come go with me! It's fun to treasure hunt for history!!

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