Sunday, March 7, 2010

Success Afield

I would like to recommend a small devotional book for all of my outdoor loving friends. The book is "Success Afield- Stories of a Sportsman's Life" by Joey Hancock. It is a small brown paperback devotional book that can easily fit into your deer hunting pack, your turkey vest, or your tackle box. It is full of 2 to 3 page devotions that are centered around Joey's years as an expert hunting guide, turkey calling champion, and also his personal hunting experiences. I picked up a copy of this book after I heard Joey speak at a men's conference here in Fitzgerald. I find the book meaningful because I can relate to Joey's adventures in the outdoors. He has a way of turning every hunting or fishing story into a life lesson for ruff outdoor guys like you and me. I pull the book out every spring because a great deal of his stories come from chasing Tom turkeys. Turkey hunting is such a wonderful time of the year and it is the hunting season that makes me feel closest to God. Let me explain.

1). It's spring time. The woods are coming alive with new growth on every branch.
2). You cover a lot of ground and get to see more of the woods than you do during deer season.
3). A turkey gobble will shake your insides and demand that you honor and respect this amazing creature of God
4). It is time spent with my earthly Father as Daddy and I are hunting partners and get to try and outwit the smartest of all game birds.

If you love to turkey hunt as much as I do then I strongly encourage you to pick up this book and read it every day to get ready for your time outdoors just as you would practice with your turkey calls. It will help put you in the right frame of mind to thank God for all of his blessings that he has given to you while you are out having "Success Afield".

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