Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jason Heyward- The Braves future??

I thought this was pretty good and shows just how excited Braves fans are about right field prospect and probable starting right fielder Jason Heyward.

From the Braves message boards-

Our Heyward who art in Atlanta,
Not hollow be thy bat.
Hit to kingdom come.
Thy gravity be undone
on Earth as it is in Turner.
Give us this day our daily runs,
and forgive us our strikeouts and errors,
as we forgive those who strikeout and error against us,
and lead us not into 3rd place,
but deliver us from mediocrity.
For thine is Hotlanta,
and the power, and the homers,
flying for ever and ever.

The congregation is reminded to please park thy cars at least 200 feet outside of the stadium if one chooses to park behind the right field side of the stadium.

Remember today those with less heralded prospects.

Go in peace.

This little poem comes on the heels of a monster spring training homerun hit by our new Superman in Atlanta. The homer traveled an estimated 450 ft. It has been a while since Braves fans have been this excited about a player, but let's not forget this guy is just a rookie and only 20 years old. It is going to be a fun season!!!


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