Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When did Freddie turn into an old guy?

I am 37 years old as I write this. I still see myself as a kid. If it wouldn't hurt so much I would still play softball, flag football and basketball everyday. I grew up loving sports and I had my heroes just as all young boys did. Heroes are not supposed to get old. They are superhuman people who will always be the best at their game. Of course your heroes can not play the game forever, but I had never really had to watch one of my heroes in the latter part of their career until just recently. Let me explain:

Baseball- Don Mattingly- a back injury ended his career early. He was still one of the most feared hitters in the game when he had to give it up.

Football- Didn't care much for Pro football so the college guys that were my heroes were always in their prime.

Basketball- Michael Jordan- Dude could still play if he wanted to.

NASCAR- Bobby Allison- They never get too old, they just have one last wreck.

Golf- Fred Couples- - Now wait just a dang minute!!! What is Freddie doing on the SENIOR Tour?????

I was flipping through the channels this weekend when I came across Fred playing with a bunch of old guys. Then I suddenly remembered that Fred WAS an old guy now (not that 50 is old). Then it dawned on me that I was 37, not 17. When I was 17, Freddie was the man!! He still is as long as he is playing guys 50 and older. He has won two of his first 3 tournaments. I don't know why it got to me so much. I knew in the back of my mind that Freddie would be on the Champions Tour this year, but I guess I did not allow myself to move along through life with him. Don't we all want to slow down time a little and believe that our heroes will be forever young. I started thinking how hard it must have been for my Dad to watch Mickey Mantle in those last couple of years that he played when he was just a shell of his former self. Did he feel the same way I did as I sat here and watched Freddie play from the senior tees with his grey hair sticking out of his hat? I guess I can still find happiness in the fact that Freddie can still play the game at a high level, but watching him in a senior tour tournament made me feel a little sad and I'm not really sure why.

Glory days, they'll pass you by!


tim said...

Freddie has the best swing of any player, any age, on any tour.

CHERI said...

Don't tell people your age....it makes me look old! Mama