Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Fitzgerald Bass Classic

See this fish? We sure could have used him yesterday. Daddy and I fished in the second annual Fitzgerald Bass Classic on Saturday. It is a fund raising event for the local football booster club. First prize paid $500 for the two man team that weighed in the day's three biggest fish. Big John and I headed out at daylight to try our luck at landing three big fish. The morning started out well as two turkeys were gobbling back and forth within earshot, but turkey season does not start until next week and we were there for big bass. We were fishing in a local farm pond that has proven to be productive for me in the past, but the weather was not on our side as it kept changing from sunshine to overcast and the wind kept getting harder and harder. We fished hard! We threw everything we had at 'em! We caught a good many fish, but no lunkers. The biggest fish we had in the boat was probably 4.5 lbs. We new that was not going to cut it. With the outcome not looking very positive and the fish bites slowing, we packed it up and brought her in.

The weigh in took place at Paulk Park. We were there to hopefully see some big fish. We were not disappointed. The first man to weigh a fish put one on the scales that weighed 10.28 lbs. Got to figure he is pretty confident that he will win that big fish prize. Not! The second team to weigh in brought a 10.74 pounder along with two other lunkers that gave them a total of over 22lbs. They wound up winning the tournament and the big fish, but there were several 8 and 9 pound fish brought in and more 6 and 7 pounders than you could count. It was an awesome tournament that turned out well for the booster club. They had a total of 79 teams that participated with hopes of an even bigger event next year. I'll be ready!

I consider myself a pretty good fisherman and Daddy is not bad either, but I think we both learned one thing Saturday as we watched all of those Big Mossy Back Bass being brought in.


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Ashlee said...

What a great fundraiser! Better luck next year!