Friday, February 25, 2011

Otis Technology Hard Core Hunter Cleaning System- A Gear Review

I was recently awarded the opportunity to participate in a "gear review" for the Outdoor Blogger Network.  I simply left my name stating that I would be willing to accept a free product and provide the OBN with a review of how I thought the product performed.  I am in no way employed by the OBN or by Otis Technology.  This review is simply my opinion. (I hope that will satisfy the disclaimer police)  On with the review!

I am a clean gun freak.  In fact the little Browning that you see in the picture at the top of my blog is 20 years old and still looks the same as it did the day it came out of the box.  So you can understand my excitement when I found out that I would be reviewing a gun cleaning kit from Otis Technology.  The kit that I was sent is called the Hard Core Hunter Cleaning System.  As I opened the box and grabbed hold of my newest cleaning toy, the first thing that came to my mind was......tiny!  This little thing is a whole bunch of cleaning genius packaged up in a camo bundle that can fit in the palm of your hand.  I opened the little pouch and was really amazed at how much they put into such a tiny package.  Here is what is found in the kit:

Three memory flex cleaning rods, three forged brass tips, two obstruction removers, Otis 085 Ultra Bore Solvent, all caliber patches, small calibre patches, shotgun brush adapter, two patch savers (for shotguns), six bore brushes, lens cloth, and a bore reflector.

That's a lot of stuff and just about everything you need to give your gun a good cleaning.  So I gave it a try.  Since the shotguns have been put away already cleaned up, I figured I would give my new system a try on a couple of Browning pistols using the short cleaning rod.

This is a Browning Buckmark .22.  You can see me pulling the small pistol cleaning rod into the barrel with a cleaning cloth attached to the other end. (I had to remove the slide after this picture was taken because the rod wouldn't quite make the turn)  I found that the system was really easy to use and I especially liked the flex rods.  Most cleaning systems use stiff rods that must be attached together to run down a barrel.  This is why most cleaning kits come in a long box.  They have to be long to hold the rods.  Not the case with this system.  You just roll the rod back up when you are done and place it back into its section in the case.  After I brought the cleaning patch through the barrel, I simply changed the tip to a wire brush and pulled her through again.  Switch the tip, put on a clean cloth, and give her one last go.  Clean barrel!

You can see where the rods are stored in this picture.  They fit into the back of the kit, while all of your cleaning tools fit into molded rubber slots that ensure that they do not move around.

I spent some extra time cleaning my 9mm.  It comes apart easier and I could use more of the tools that came with the kit.  After cleaning the barrel, I went to work cleaning those hard to reach places inside the grooves of a firearm.  Guess what, this kit has those small tools that help you get into those small places.  I was able to take a tapered brass rod that was provided to run a cleaning cloth into grooves that had collected grime and burnt powder.  When I got finished, I had a clean gun!

I have to give this kit a thumbs up!  It is small so it doesn't get in your way while you are trying to clean firearms of different sizes.  It is easy to use because it is so well organized.  It has all of the necessary tools that I need to clean the guns that I own.  It can fit into any back pack which makes it extremely convenient to carry with you and I absolutely love the flexible cleaning rods!  They were so easy to use!

If you are looking for a cleaning kit in a small package that can be taken in the field or to hunting camp with you, then I highly recommend the Otis Technology Hard Core Cleaning System!

Trust me!  Like I said, I'm a certified clean gun freak!!


jmluckie said...

Glad it's portable.Bring it over and clean mine.

CHERI said...

Possible Christmas gift for your dad???

Steve said...


Looks good and this is a timely post. I'm in need up updating my cleaning tools.


Scott said...

Nice write up Trey, I love my Otis kit.

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Thanks for taking a little time, your review done before I even got the package in the mail. Guess that's why you're the man...

Trey said...

DEDH, you should know by now that there is no grass that grows under my feet! :)

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Nice review. I guess I will have to BUY one for Rambob's stocking stuffer at Christmas....since you WON it instead of ME! haha