Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Wilson Eat Your Heart Out! I Guarantee!!

Shoot it to it!
 I remember watching Justin Wilson on TV when I was younger.  He was a Cajun cook that made everything look so good as well as so simple.  His famous tag line, "I Guarantee! " would always bring a smile to my face.  I have always enjoyed cooking and I am not scared to try my hand at cooking just about anything.

Monday was a good cooking day.  I was off of work for Presidents Day, so I thought that I would prepare some tasty treats using my oil-less turkey fryer.  Since I got such good response from you my readers the last time I cooked up something, I decided to take a few shots of what I was up to.

The first picture shows a turkey breast being covered with some of my favorite seasoning.  This is all you need to do to get this bird ready to sizzle.

I have placed the turkey in the cooking basket and will add a little more seasoning.

This is what the inside of the oil-less fryer looks like.  It uses no top.  A ring of fire is lit around the bottom and heats up the container using infrared technology.

This is what you get one and 1/2 hour later.  It is really very good and just as juicy as it can be.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to do a little BBQing.  In the oiless fryer you might ask?  Yep, here we go!

Rubbed down Boston Butt in the cooking basket ready for some heat!

Cooked for 1 hour and ready for some sauce.  I injected the sauce as well as covering the outside.  I then wrapped it in two layers of tin foil and placed it back into the cooker for another 20 minutes.

This is what I got!  Want some???

Was it good??  Well, in honor of Justin Wilson......


On a side note, today is my Blogging Birthday.  I started Brave Eagles Hunt With Antique Brownings one year ago today.  Thanks to all of you who follow me and especially to those of you who leave me comments and words of encouragement.  I hope to improve on the blog and keep you guys interested in what is going on in my little world!  I have met some great folks during this past year and I hope that I will have the oportunity to get to know all of you better.  Thanks again for reading and here is to another year!


Anonymous said...

*wipes away drool* Happy Bloggy B-day Trey! You've done a terrific job since I've been following you and I'm sure you'll continue to do so for many more posts to come!

BTW I really love your header pic! It's perfect!

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

Oh my.....I'm with Kari...DROOLING over here too. You keep this will cause me to go buy one of those things. And your a man after my own heart....quart jar of BBQ sauce. Is that local? I've never heard of Mud.

Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog is awesome andI love the versatility of it. Keep up the great work ......and get that table done!

CHERI said...

Thanks to your MAMA, you have a great blog...without me I don't think you would have started one. Of couse, without ME, where would you be anyway...right???? Happy Blog Birthday...I totally forgot I think I had one not too long ago. You do a great job! Your mama is proud of you:)

Trey said...

Thanks Ladies!

LB- I had never used this sauce before. I saw it on the shelf in the store and figured I would give it a try. I think it comes from North GA. It is actually called Chattohochee Mud. It was pretty good.

Bill said...

Dang that looks good! I remember the "I guarantee!" guy also. Congrats on the one year of blogging!

Swamp Thing said...

Dude, it was a lot more like "I gaaaaayyruntee!"

Tell us more about this oilless fryer deal!