Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Eagles have got a good man!

Sometimes people get it right!  In my opinion, Georgia Southern University Athletics did just that!  The Athletic Foundation for Georgia Southern has hired a new Executive Director and he just so happens to be an old classmate and good friend.  David Beaubien took the reins at his new position about 6 months ago, and as an alumni I couldn't be happier with the hire.  I know the kind of person that David is and what kind of attitude that he will bring to the foundation.  David is one of those energetic people who always has a smile and thinks with a positive attitude.  I look forward to the things that he will accomplish for Georgia Southern in the upcoming future.

I am also amazed as I look back on a relationship that has seen both of us grow over the last 20 years.  I first met David at different fraternity parties and socials.  We were in two different fraternities but got along very well.  We both took business classes and would from time to time have the same class schedule.  You could always tell that David had a knack for getting along with people and that his career would lead him into working directly with others.  He became a banker after graduation in 1996 and our paths met again in 2001-2004 as we both attended Banking school at the University of Georgia.  I would run into him at football games and I was always welcome at his bank's tailgating tent.  David would also give jobs to GSU students who were from Fitzgerald just because I asked him to help them out.  David was a good banker and had a good career until he decided to change career paths and work for the greatest university in the world.

David I just want to wish you good luck in your new job and let you know that I will try and help you in any way that I can.  You know I bleed BLUE and I'm glad to know that the new head man does too!!

GATA!!!   Luckie

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