Sunday, August 28, 2011

Work Day at the Club!

One of Dad's food plots ready for planting!

Even though the temperature was reaching for triple digits yesterday, my Dad and I decided to get some work done at the Hunting Club.  With college football games and dove season starting next weekend, I was determined to get some things done while my schedule was clear.  My plan was to trim up some limbs along our roads and improve an older stand sight.  Daddy's job was to ride the tractor and do some mowing.

We left the house a little after lunch with plenty of water and the golf cart in tow.  Once there, we secured our neighbors tractor and Daddy set off to mow roads to stands and grown up food plots.  I started trimming limbs and bushes and when I was done I was proud of the fact that I could drive down the roads in my Jeep without enduring any more scratches.  I also started making some improvements to an old stand site that needed some tweaking. 

The stand sits in the corner of our property and looks down both property lines.  It is a combination of hard wood bottom and large pines.  Last year a rather large oak tree fell across one of the property lines, therefore making it impossible to plant a food plot or even see down this line any longer.  I moved the stand up the other line to take advantage of being able to see farther up that particular fire break.  Our newest club member, Steve has a tractor outfitted with a root rake.  He was working on the property a few weeks ago and I asked him if he thought he could move that fallen tree for me.  NO problem!  The lane was open once again and clear to plant about a 100 yard food plot along the boarder line creek bottom.  My only problem now was that I needed to move my stand back to the original tree to take advantage.  I got to looking at the current set up and my mind got to formulating another plan all together.  I asked Steve if he might be able to clear out some trash trees and bushes so that I could have a clear line of sight from my current stand location.  Again, NO problem! 

The new view from the stand location

I am really excited about what he was able to do.  We got it cleaned up and got the ground turned and ready for planting.  I put a feeder at the far end of the clearing and moved my camera to this location.  We will see what we can get pictures of in the next few weeks.  It was a hot day, but we didn't seem to mind because we were enjoying the work getting ready for deer season. 

Hope you are enjoying your work too!!


TexWisGirl said...

can i borrow your friend, steve, please?! could really put him to work around here for a bit... :)

Ian Nance said...

I've worked up a sweat just reading this...

CHERI said...

Please look after your dad out there...he thinks he's still 30!!!

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

We've been working our food plots too! Bow starts this Thursday so my fingers are crossed that all our hard work pays off ;)

Looks like you have anice honey spot going on. I can't wait to see what your pcitures show!