Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a Wing Shooter!

Growing up as a kid in South Georgia, I was exposed to a life in the outdoors by my Dad.  My Father came from a hunting and fishing family, so it was only natural that he would pass on the family tradition to me.  I hope to pass it on to my son and so on, ensuring that the Luckie family will always be a friend to the outdoors as well as have a genuine love for all that God's creation can offer while afield.  Because I have come from such a family, I have had the opportunities to do all kinds of hunting and fishing.  I consider myself lucky that I can say that I have hunted for deer, doves, ducks, turkeys, quail, snipe, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, crows, coons, and rattle snakes just to name a few.  I have also done my share of fishing whether it was on a lake, in a pond, on the river, or in the ocean.  I have had a well rounded outdoor experience so far in this life.  Some might say that it would be hard to pick a favorite activity out of all of these, but for me it is really simple.  I'm a wing shooter!

I live for the feel of feathers in my hand that have been retrieved by a well mannered bird dog.
I love the simple sophistication of a double barrel or over/under shotgun.
I feel the upland hunting tradition as I stride across the fields of Kansas.
The beating of quail wings is the sound of music that makes my heart jump a beat.

I love the social hour with good friends before the dove shoot.
The smell of spent shells mixed with peanut hay brings back childhood memories.
A bird dog on point is a beautiful thing.
My son with his BB gun sitting by my side is priceless.

I love brier pants and a blaze orange upland vest!
The sound of Woodys flying through the swamp at day break gives me chills.
Watching a Lab's eyes and his muscles quiver as the Mallards are getting close is spine tingling.
I have never been tired at the end of a field when that last rooster flushes from under my feet.

I always think of my Grand Daddy when I put my Browning in its case.
I loose tract of time when I am quail hunting with my cousins.
Quail hunting is the only way to make it snow in South Georgia!
Being a Grandson, son, father and friend have a a special meaning when chasing wings!

Yep, I'm a wing shooter and although I have just tried to express my feelings about this passion of mine, I find that even these words do not truly communicate the feeling that I get when I am doing what I love best.  I love bird hunting and I hope that I will continue to experience what I know and even chase some new wings in the near future. 

I think I hear a Prairie Chicken or a Grouse calling my name, or maybe it was a woodcock or a sea duck. 

Only time will tell!



TexWisGirl said...

my favorite line of all of this: My son with his BB gun sitting by my side is priceless.


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

You know the sea ducks have been calling your name, but they've been laughing... Your potential list but not limited to...

Common Eider
Surf Scoter
White-winged Scoter
Butterbill Scoter
Long-tailed Duck
Black Duck
Common Goldeneye
Merganser (cough cough)
ETC... ETC... ETC...

You'll be addicted to quack...

Later buddy,

Steve said...

Such great words for this time of year. I hope your shots bring you many this year.


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Awesome post! I actually read it twice. Those descriptions made me feel like I was sitting beside you with Reid!

"I always think of my Grand Daddy when I put my Browning in its case"...those are the best. Most of our guns do the same for us. Heck, most of our house does. Whether it is eating off Rambob's Great grandparents kitchen table or putting our feet up on my grandmothers piano stool. I absolutely love history like that and am fortunate to fill most of our house up with it!

I hope your season starts soon...you got it bad buddy, you got it bad. I think you need a fix ASAP!

jmluckie said...

Your Grandaddy would be proud just as I am.It has always been a pleasure going afield together.I know you and Reid will have many memorable days and years ahead.