Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Girls can Race too!!

The races season is opening a little early this year.  Our church has decided to have a church wide derby race this Sunday that includes anyone who wants to race.  Kids, adults, novices and professionals like myself. :)  As many of you may recall, my son and I won the RA derby event last year and of course we are entered to race in this event.  But little sister decided that she wanted a car for this race and big brother is a little worried as the pretty little pink and purple mustang that you see above is primed for an upset.  Reid will be racing the legendary Under Armour car and his title is on the line.   Stay tuned for race results next week!

RA Champs 2012
Oh, and by the way....Dad has a little something to run down the track as well.....

This is gonna be a fun ride!!!

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Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Your racer looks like a chisel.