Monday, October 1, 2012

Clean Sweep!

It was the night we had all been waiting for.  The First Baptist Church of Fitzgerald, GA was host to the open Pinewood Derby racing event of the century.  Crowds gathered from all over Ben Hill County to witness the streaking bolts of lightning burning down the church's new metal race track.  The racing contestants were made up of current RA racers, past RA racers, racers of the "sugar and spice" variety and one old man (me)!

The Luckie Race Shop has been open for weeks designing new cars and tweaking old cars to prepare for the bulls-eye that was on the team's chest.  Everyone was gunning to knock off the Luckie Team from their lofty perch earned last racing season by the legendary "Under Armour" car captained by Reid.  Little sister would also be joining the act this year with a racer of her on.  The "My Little Pony" Mustang has a little something under the hood as well and was built for speed and cuteness!

My Little Pony is ready to strut her stuff!!

The Under Armour car is ready to start its engine!

The only car in the adult division!  They fear me!!

The races began with the boys division and The Under Armour Car did not disappoint.  It breezed through the competition on its way to the title to keep its FBC unbeaten streak alive.

The girls were up next and the My Little Pony Car was put to the test early.  We had never raced this car before, so we had no idea what to expect.  Mia was all smiles as she won each race and moved into the finals.  She won hands down and the Luckie Race team collected its second ribbon of the night!

We took the top 4 finishers from each division and had a combined race.  It didn't take long for The Under Armour and My Little Pony to square off side by side on the track.  My Little Pony got out of the gate strong and even had the lead at the turn, but the Under Armour used a late push to win by the slimmest of margins.  Little Sister was not happy!  My Little Pony fought back through the losers bracket to once again face off against Big Brother.  I would love to tell you she pulled it off, but the Under Armour was just too strong.  Reid won again!

The last race of the night and the biggest fan draw of the evening pitted Father against Son and Daughter.  The Georgia Southern Car was placed on the track in three wide fashion to take on the winner of the boys division and the winner of the girls division.  It just so happens that all three cars call the Luckie Race shop headquarters.  As the cars were set in motion I admit that I was torn between my own competitive nature and the desire to see my kids succeed.  It didn't last long!  I smoked 'em!!!  Dad is still the king!!

We had a great time and I can't wait for our RA race this winter.  Reid has already claimed the Georgia Southern car for our next race.  It should be fun as the bulls-eye just got a little bit bigger!!


Steve said...

Great fun. Maybe Team Luckie can start racing NASCAR.

The Gang said...

Sounds like fun. The Under Armor car is my favorite.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I have to admit....I was pulling for "My Little Pony" ;)