Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh yeah! There is video!!

While I was gunning down all that flies in Downeast Maine, The Duckman was running the camera.  Here is a little teaser of today's action!

This was the day's end result!


CHERI said...

Your dad's mouth is watering....think he's quite envious!!!! Glad to see you and the "yank" are hitting it off well. Maybe there's Northern hospitality after all:)

Anonymous said...

We loved the teaser video!! Trey, you finally get to be in a hunting video...WOW!!!

We love and miss you,
Dana, Reid and Mia

PS. Reid wants to shoutout a "Way To Go!" to the Duckman :)

Vaughn said...

Take it all in and enjoy this beautiful country God has created.