Friday, October 19, 2012

Maine (Part 3 and wrap up)

The second and final hunting day began with the Duckman cursing Mother Nature.  I really only had one more goal in mind and that was a Drake Eider.  They only way to have a chance at my bird was to hit the open water.  The only problem was that the wind was blowing 20-25 mph with gust up to 35.  This makes for some pretty ruff sea ducking.

We put the boat in the water and bundled up to face the 29 degree temps and breezy conditions.  I was well equipped today since my luggage had finally arrived.  I was never once cold as my Browning jacket and rain suit pants did their job.

We set the decoys out and anchored the boat.  No easy task since the wind was working against the rushing tide.  The tide moves so much here in Maine that I didn't know we were set up in the same spot as we were the day before.  Some of the small islands that I saw yesterday were currently under the sea.  The Duckman told me that the water rises and drops about ten feet with the changing tides.  Wow!

We waited.  We got a few birds to look in our direction, but not many.  The conditions made it hard for them to see the decoys.  I just wanted one duck and hopefully he would be sporting those white feathers that I longed for.  I finally got my chance as a Drake Eider turned our way and approached from the rear of the boat.  I would be able to take a head on shot which was very helpful because the boat was riding those 4-5 foot seas like a fast moving roller coaster.  As he got close I raised up and steadied my legs.  One shot and drop!  I poured it to him again and my goal was met!

I missed a few more but I'll be honest, those suckers are hard to kill and I need more time on the water to get my sea shooting legs under me.  I have a new respect for Tony as he makes this type of gunning look easy.  I'll have to get him on a South Georgia dove shoot and let him be humbled by those little greys who fly in all directions at once.

Saturday night was something that all us Southern boys dream of!  Fresh lobster and all I could eat!  Mrs. Duckman went out of her way to make sure that I had a meal fit for a king Maine style!!

Even though the hunting was not great on the last day, I had a ball!  The trip was perfect and one that I looking forward to making again one day.  Tony and his family made me feel like one of their own and I am so thankful that I have excellent friends in the great state of Maine!  Stay tuned as the adventures between the Duckman and The Brave Eagle are bound to continue.  I have it on good authority that The Duckman is trying to fly south for the winter.  Their may just be a spring turkey hunt and some lunker bass fishing on the horizon!

Until next time....This is how we roll!!!


CHERI said...

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY, Brave Eagle!!!!

Steve said...

Great story, Trey. It's always fun to meet new people, especially when they are good men.

Steve Vose said...

HAHA! That picture with you and the lobstahs is PRICELESS! Glad you and the Duckman had a blast!