Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maine 2012 (Part 2)

Black Duck drake and hen taken by the Duckman and the Brave Eagle

With the quick morning hunt behind us and the pressure off of the Duckman to produce me a duck, we took some time to take pictures and finish our breakfast while we decided what to do next.  We could either try and hunt some inland ducks or we could brave the wind and tides in search of sea ducks.  We checked the weather forecast and decided we better hit the water because Saturday's forecast did not look good at all.

We loaded the boat and headed for the landing, which is just right around the cove from the Duckman's house.  We were in the water and on our way out in about 20 minutes.  It had begun to spit a little rain and the winds were up, but I was just glad to be there.  We tucked the boat into a cove that would help block the wind a little and set out the decoys.  It was nice watching the Duckman work.  Believe me when I say that this man knows what he is doing and it didn't take long before he put the first duck in our spread.  Of course I missed that first shot that I took as I was getting my sea legs under me.  I can't say that I have ever fired a shotgun while surfing, but that is exactly what it felt like I was trying to accomplish!  Sea ducking ain't easy!!

The birds worked fairly well for us considering the weather and I was finally able to connect with a Patch-head, or what we call in South Georgia, a coot! It really is a pretty bird and I would wind up killing two of them on this morning.

We worked the birds for a while, but with the rain and gusting winds, the action was slowing down.  I was able to take a white-wing before we decided to move to more open water in search of an Eider.

We gathered up the decoys and moved to another area.  We had only been there and set up for about 10 minutes when we spotted my prize headed in our direction.  My goal was to get a drake Eider and hold those white feathers in my hand.  It could not have been a more perfect shot except I didn't take it.  As all of you know, I'm a Browning man!!  I did not have my Browning on this trip.  I was instead shooting the Duckman's Beretta.  Although I had been shooting this gun all morning, in my excitement I had forgotten that the safety on a Beretta is in front of the trigger guard, not the back like my Brownings. The duck was landing as I was pushing on the back of that trigger guard with all of the power that my trigger finger could muster.  When I realized my mistake I found the correct safety position and opened fire on my sitting duck.  Big mistake!  As the shot pattern spread all around my target, my Eider dove down deep and swam.  We think he may be surfacing somewhere on the West coast by now.  We never saw him again.  I cussed!  We set back up because that is what hunters do.  We try again!

The next duck to fly by was a hen Eider.  She buzzed our set up and decided she liked what she saw.  As she made the turn to circle back around I found the safety switch and and got ready.  This time would be no doubt.  I swung the gun and down she went with one clean shot.  I had an Eider and we had had enough of the weather.  We packed up and headed in.  I'll let the pictures show the day's success.

After the photo session, we went inside and ate a late lunch.  My luggage arrived and I was finally able to shower and put on some fresh clothes.  What did we do next??
Stay tuned for part three of my Maine adventure!!


Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Spot on mate, I like your surfing analogy. Everything is in motion, you just had to find your niche. My children asked tonight when you were coming back?

The Gang said...

Another great write up. I feel your pain on the safety thing, been there before. I'm a Benelli guy (safety in back like your Brownings), but everyone else in the The Gang shoots a Beretta.